Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xmas hols... Hohoho!

Actually, I just came back from a long break. We went back to Penang, actually just to attend my best friend's wedding. But of course there were other agendas pre-planned with Acik too.

This is me & Aziah, the friend I have been friend with since the 2nd day at kindy.

I remember when I 1st saw her, she was playing under her granny's house. (Mat Salleh mesti tak dapat imagine 'under the house' kan?) :P
Since then, we were friends although we were in different classes in the 1st 3 years of primary school (me in kelas Hijau, and she's in kelas Merah). We were only classmates in Standard 4 to 6. Then, that's it. We went our own ways, and rarely saw each other after that, but the friendship remains. Considering her effort coming all the way from Penang to Shah Alam for my wedding, I think it's worthy to do the same, meriting respect to her parents.

Anyway, congratulations to u both, Aziah & Zamani. May u have a smooth sailing and enjoyable life ahead with adorable kids.

And as I said, our other agenda was... going to the zoo with Acik's family.

It was drizzling when we arrived but wasn't really bad. At least, it's not too hot for us to walk around.

I'm not gonna upload the pix of all animals I took, but here are several interesting ones.

Yes, that's a bear! And this is the bear family! :)

The brotherly Iman walked with adik Adam, yet the little munchkin preferred to walk by himself.

Look, Mama! It's staring at me!

... That's it about the zoo thingy.

We also went to the Queensbay (it was my first time, despite being a Penangite!), Feringghi walk (which has turned to be a must for us since our 1st visit) and having cendol/ais kacang by the sea (the dream I kept since 10 years ago, everytime I passed by the area while heading to Intel)...

After reciting doa hujung tahun with the family, we enjoyed the Big Apple donuts. Nyum nyum!

And just before we headed back to Shah Alam, mak served us with this sagu, that definitely reminded me of my previous entry on my hopeless tastebud :P

Gelagat masa cuti...

Hello, Doraemon!

Iman sliding happily at the playground

Hubby's notty face, showing off his 'body' (childhood term for 'muscle') to prove that he was strong to bear the pain of removing warts

Acik's surprised expression when getting his belated birthday gift- perhaps bcoz it's not a comb as he expected

Munchkin was trying hard to eat (or more like playing with) onde-onde using a spoon

The cousins had a dropped jaw, looking at the video game at Queensbay

Ina & I ... obviously I lose to her when it comes to curling eyelashes. Huh!

My munchkin before and after he discovered the excitement of playing in the piles of pillows


  1. Isabelle, happy new year to you sekeluarga :)

  2. eceh ceh..boh gak pic kueh sagu tok mum..."dik sham...dik sham..eh dik XX..dik XX"

  3. ok la...nnt kami suruh tok mun buat kuih utk dik doih & dik tan pulak na?
    (ingredient wajib: racun tikus) hahaha

  4. kalau kami mati..kami akan mengHANTUI tok mum...hi hi hi...


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