Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is it a date?

I just read a friend's blog (a couple whom I got to know in Qld). They're getting married very soon. The preparation reminds me of the chaos I had few days b4 the day I was hitched. Yes, it was very tuff as we (Sham & I) arranged everything by ourselves. We had to make sure that everything meets the so-called-standard so no one would put the blame on us if there were flaws here and there. Alhamdulillah... everything was okay. Except for two or three small issues.

BTW, Adri... I'm still waiting for my wedding video :P

Speaking about marriage, romance, dating & such... let me share a story that I experience not so long ago.

I was already seeing Mr Hubby (then, my bf) when I went out with this Aussie. Let's call him Mr. X (real name withheld to protect the guilty).
We met coincidently when I was rushing for a gathering. I was gasping for breath when I asked him about the CityCat we were about to board (I must have looked very terrible). In the ferry, we chitchatted about several things, including a thing or two that we share the same interest in.

To cut it short, after a few days, he asked me out and the not-so-naive me thought "What's wrong about meeting a new friend? Anyway, I don't hide my status and I don't intend to flirt."

Oh yeah... I merely forgot that I had to turn him down with his 1st attempt as I was busy with lab works. The 2nd time, we met in the city for dinner. There, we bumped into the couple abovementioned, but being the not-very-typical Malays, that wasn't an issue.

Anyway, we talked about many things, including religions, lifestyle, etc. I like him bcoz I can talk openly about many things (Unlike when u discuss about religion matters with those who read very little).

When it was getting late, we took the ferry and he walked me home. Well, in Malay (or even Malaysian, I reckon) culture, walking someone home is just accompanying to make sure the person arrives safely. But I doubt it's the same in Westerns culture.

Anyway, few days after, he dropped by at my place after swimming at UQ, just for a cuppa. Then, he suggested that we took a stroll (as I was unhealthily terperap at home doing nothing).

While sauntering, he asked me...

Him : Are u dating someone?
Me : That depends on your definition. Define 'date'
Him : Ahh... I mean, goin' out with a bloke.
Me : That's very loose. In that case, yes, I am dating many guys.
Him : How is that possible?
Me : Ok. Let's make it this way. In OZ, is this considered as a date?
Him : Sure.
Me : What? That can't be. How could I date a stranger?

And the answer cum question made him realize that I was right (perhaps) that our ways of interpreting the meaning is different.

p/s: Do I sound delusional? Hahaha. Apparently, I'm not.

Dear hubby, don't ask me about this when we got back home. Hahaha.


  1. satu soklan je saya nk tnya;
    berapa lamakah hubungan terlarang itew terjalin??

  2. syyy... that's a sensitive question. (zipping up lips)


  3. oooo...

    ada kekasih gelap ye...
    mama gelap ke? hehehe...

    apa pun, i love u so much, how new hphone... ketaq2 tak.

    p/s: jgn risau abg x pernah menyoal apa2 pun sejarah silam. sbb itu kisah lama kita masing2... yg penting bersama kita pegang tangan menghadapi kehidupan sekarang dan akan datang sebagai pasangan suami isteri dan juga ibu bapa kpd cikebum yg tomel... love u sayang...

  4. hehehe. kalo kekasih mama yg gelap... maksudnye, ayah le. hahaha.

    dah dpt green lite ni, there;ll be more confessions on kekasih gelap soon. hahaha. ni mcm dah terkena daulat kwn si Gary dlm Early Edition ni :P

    hp baru tu, mama tgh kontrol ketaq2 ni. kua..kuaa...kuaaa

  5. mama tgh kontrol ketaq n juga senyuman colgate ngehehe..
    mesti u smile colgate everytime tgk fon baru kan?
    verry the hepi one haha


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