Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mind boggling

While having a breakfast with DrWan this morning, we had a long talk. Apparently it has been so long since we last sat together for a meal and chit chat about various topics. And I love talking to this man... bcoz with him, I am free to express my happiness, worries or sadness. I can share guilt and innocence, boredom or excitement, etc.

This time, it's about the past 72 hours (over the weekend). Suffice to say, he gave me a good advice to get rid of the mind-boggling thingey. Yes, struggling emotionally could be more difficult, and would only leave me an emotional wreck. So that's the best solution.

Well, when some big things are taken for granted (seen as small)... some tiny things happened to big actually!

Quoting my beloved Mak Ngah "slowly... slowly... catch the monkey"... I know, it will come to the finishing line, it's just the matter of how long would it take.

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