Friday, October 24, 2008

Warm session


After a long wait, I managed to grab the opportunity to polish my tajwid skills. It's sorta rusty already, except when I revised with Abah informally.

There's a tajwid learning session with Ustaz Taha (the son of the renowned Quran guru, Datuk Hassan Azhari). Twas an interesting slot. Halfway, I was in a hurry for a lecture, but I managed to ask for a book on Qiraat Sab'ah, that I have been looking around for so long. Dunno why, I never managed to find it in any Islamic bookshops.

Few days later, we met over lunch to discuss more. There were so many questions and invigorating issues discussed.

To Taha,
Thanks for spending your time entertaining us. U're such a warm person that I never felt the gap between an 'angel' and a so-called-setan-yang direjam. Hehehe :P

Oh yeah...and thanks for the CD too. Hehehe... See, I even have it autographed! Ngeee :P

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