Thursday, September 18, 2008

After 366 days...

Twelve months, come and gone like a flash - and now it seems like old hat. Those first two months went by like a blur. So many changes, yet such excitement.

Congratulations to my little boy for your 1st year celebration. Yay! Adam Zuhair is one year old. Mama and Ayah love you sooo much. Frankly, it's hard to believe a year has gone by so quickly.

The next few months, Adam's personality started emerging. Then came the crawling and now the little steps (trying to walk). I won't forget how he has developed in this time from a helpless newborn to a little person with so many skills. Ah, you will always be mama's little boy :)
BTW, yesterday was the public hols for Nuzul Quran, hence the early celebration (whilst his birthday is today, 18th Sept).

This pix is a must in today's entry, as Sham teased me. (Thanks, Yone for reminding me to snap the pix while everything still looks nice).

The birthday boy playing with a balloon. Eh, why la pink balloon? Hmmm... what a handsome bloke U R! Like father, like son!

The cake with extra deco of li'l planes, just to customize. Unfortunately, after that, the cute li'l planes were gone, without being divided to other kids as well.

Little Cikebum...oh.. is the word 'little' still valid? He's having fun playing and scattering his toys.

Sue & kids (Abg Muharam was already waiting outside at the moment)

Cik Dian, Paman Jalak & Adik Aqil. I bet in the next one year or two, we'll paint the town red again. I can't wait!

Naj & Adi maintain ayu.
Adam : (why am I being so popular today?)

Miji, Mad & Akim getting foodie. Eh, watch out that one-pack! Is that a pouch bag? Hehehe. Ok..ok... I understand. Kelab Jiwa Luka la katakan... ;)

Hey, if U R observant, why not try to spot what's interesting in the pix below. Hint: Sham is the odd one.


Hehehe. Yes, they have the same hairstyle :P

Look! Adam is trying to drink from the mug!

Miji & Adam. Eh, I think they too, share the same hairstyle! Hahaha

And...came the time for cake-cutting!

and... a big kiss for our little precious!
U are such an adorable kid, dearie!

Not to forget, a card for the birthday boy....

for Mama & Ayah to scribble something.

Thanks to:

Dian, Jalak & Aqil : for making it, despite the health problem. TQ for the present!

Shady & Liza & Nabila : Certainly, TQ for the gift too.

Naj & Asyran : for the yummy blueberry muffins! And this couple never comes with ordinary present.

My fellow students (Adi, Akim, Mad, Miji) : Psttt...saya takde baju raya lagi :P

Sue, Abg Muharam & kids : Adam's so happy upon seeing U all.

Along, Yone & kids : for helping me clearing up, snapping pix, etc.

Mas : for the big bar of chocs!

Rahmat, Shahril & Suzaidy : for coming. Well, U R the compulsory guests!

Adam senior & the Iranian : Adam didn't dare to turn his head upon hearing me calling his name, as he thought I was calling my son, instead. Err...what do I say to this Iranian?


  1. as the president of Kelab Duka Lara Nestapa....i`m so honored to be invited to the party...Adam 1st besday party...

    may God bless u all!!!

  2. ngeh ngeh ngeh...mengaku pun!

    hey, how many have enrolled in the club?

  3. uihh president dh bagi comment..and as the secretary of the club, i'm proud to announce that we have 4 active members to date haha..

  4. uiks..jiwa luka gak ke, adi?

    awak tu dah kena segera mencari calon ni.
    BTW, kriteria nye jgn lupa tau...

    1. govt officer
    2. berperut (ada pouch bag) :P


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