Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, after joining Sham's family, I could obviously see that Mok Su Jamal (my MIL) is so obsessed with curtains and bedsheets. It is a must for her to have new curtains every Hari Raya, despite whatever situation it is.

So, last Saturday, we brought her to Nilai 3 as she wanted to shop for new curtains.

We walked from one shop to another, looking for the right colour, right fabrics (and right price too!). The funny thing is she shopped as if there's no tomorrow, although at the same time she kept mumbling "I couldn't find the curtain I like...bla..bla."

Satu ayat maut from my MIL was "I don't mind not having new clothes on Hari Raya, but I must have the curtains that I want!"
(Kalau takde baju raya, Mak tak kisah lagi. Asal jangan langsir mak takde sudah...)

Sham & I just smiled. Cakap-cakap kat belakang tu, ada le. Bukan mengutuk. But we were just impressed or perhaps too shocked to hear her statement! Sampai macam tu sekali, ganas betul mak mentua aku.

That night we brought my in-laws to our home and the next day, I went out shopping with MIL. It was really fun having a retail therapy with her. She planned to buy only one thing, yes one thing...yet she put this and that into the basket and ended up paying almost RM100. Mak... mak...

Later before iftar, Sham & I went out to Param, but we dropped by at the furniture shop to buy a 'present' for MIL. A shoerack that she strongly wanted since months ago.

* * * * *

That night, after little muchkin was out to sleep, Sham & I had 'The Talk'. It has been quite some time since we last had one.
I'm so grateful to have such an attentive listening ear and a partner whom I can discuss about everything.

I remember Dr Wan's valuable advice... "Communication is very important in marriage."
Whether it's a problem or a good news, big or small- speak it up.

Yes, being the outspoken me... it's just a piece of cake to express myself freely and insistently. I hardly keep any worries to myself. But I wonder how come less frown create these fine lines under my eyes? Duh!

It must be a bit hard for Sham to do so, as he is really careful with his words especially when he has to say something to me, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings.

* * * * *

Yesterday, after arriving home, Sham asked "What will we have for sahur?"

Me : We'll have meat curry.

Sham : Hah? Where are we gonna get it from?

Me : (dalam hati) If I don't tell him that I tapao the curry, I can pretend as if I cook it. So, I better don't answer. Hehehe

Then, I promised him to have a hot drink together after taking shower. Unfortunately, Adam made some noise and I had to lie on his side... that I fell asleep.

I only woke up at 1.30 am, so I went to check the bedroom... Sham has dozed off. Went to the kitchen....I saw a pot on the stove. Opened the lid...

"Eh... this is a chicken dish. Where does it come from?"


When we woke up for sahur at 4.30 am, I asked Sham. He said he cooked it bcoz he didn't know that I have bought some curry.

Aisey... where has the communication theory gone?

Oh... I forgot to tell him...
"Miscommunication, poor communication or no communication will create problems." (Zig Ziglar)

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