Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night, Adam got more pressies from his thoughtful uncles/aunties/bros/sistas & friends. So, notwithstanding the extreme fatigue & dizziness I had, we opened 'em all with him patiently waiting.

Interestingly, he was interested in the flashcards given by Nabila. Good boy! Be a bookworm (but not a geek!) when U grow up ok? Then, I showed him the various colourful shirts & specky given by Auntie Sue, Cik Dian, Naj & Farah. Thanks heaps, guys! He sure has many baju raya this year :P

When I showed him the Bert & Ernie DVD (given by Uncle Adam), he left the rest and grabbed it. Ahhh... Cikebum's just like that, easily distracted.

Then, the frantic li'l Cikebum sorta jumped in joy upon seeing the pressie we bought for him, a 'car'. He excitedly got onto it and moved back & forth. Oh my boy! Mama's so glad to see ur glowing face!

Adam and his birthday presents.

Oh yeah...not to forget, the pleasant greetings from Aussie (Lesley & Guri).

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