Monday, September 8, 2008

Sahur and iftar stories

After sahur last Friday, Najah texted me. This reminds me of our younger days. Out of the four budak nakals in the school, Najah & I were the ones 'attacked' during that fasting month.

People were waiting for the azan for iftar, yet while the nasyid was played on the speaker, there was an announcement calling out our names.

Blank and blur, we had to meet the KPs and warden, regarding the love letters. What the ......!

Those were bad memories. You're right, Najah! We suffered a lot... just bcoz we tried to be ourselves! Teruk kan?

I can hardly remember the fasting days in KI. But Najah said, there was one day we were so exhausted and weak that we couldn't do a thing except lying on her bed. Hahaha. Teruk nau bunyinye!

* * * * *

On to a brighter note, my sahur with Inten was amongst the most memorable ones.
Being the only Muslim girls in 10 Twelfth Avenue, we always tong-tong (share) to cook the meals. Ye la kan... considering the hassle of preparing and cooking, might as well we cook for two (instead of for one).

So, one night, before we went to bed...we cooked some dishes (one was sauteed bok choy, but couldn't remember what was the other one) and cling-wrapped left them on the table. It looked so yummy that we couldn't wait for sahur time... (drooling)
Then, the same saying went "Kalo kamu bangun dulu, kamu kejutin aku ya?"

When I opened my eyes several hours later, it was already bright. What? I missed the sahur? Oh no... How dare Inten didn't wake me up! :( Or maybe she did, but I was too tired that I didn't hear her knocking on my door.

So, I rushed to the kitchen, only to see the two dishes were still neatly in the cling wrap, untouched. Hahaha! Apparently Inten missed the sahur too.
Aduh, mbak Inten... kok capek banget sampey kesiangan kita!

........And there goes our salivating amylase!

* * * * *

As I type darling is on his way from Kuantan, thus he might arrive late today. I don't wanna pick Adam up late, kesian pulak kat Sue & family.

Yet if I were to tag along with Sab, I have lectures from 5 to 7 (but I promised the students to finish earlier). Anyway, lucky for me that she agreed to wait. So, I'm planning to break fast with Sab today!

is: nak bbuka kat luar ke, p cari something kat bazaar ramadhan?
is: suzana ratim ada kat umah x?
sab: ade rasenye..
sab: tp tak tau ape cer..
sab: senyap jer minah tu..
sab: aku tak kesah..
sab: kalau nak p param pkul 6 ade lg ker yg besh2
is: hahaha..param? what a name!
is: musti ada lg.
is: silap aribulan, diorg buat stock clearance, morah skit

*param = PAsar RAMadhan :P

Thanks, babe for willingly to wait for me and help me out with the situation ;)

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