Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2-pin electrical safety

Yesterday, I proceeded my OSH Safety lecture on Electrical Safety. As usual, I explained almost everything in the slides to make sure the students understand.

Looking at the syllabus, it’s is very easy. Yet in most cases, I have to provide examples, draw pictures and incorporate the situation in our daily lives so they understand better. Sometimes, they even ask the meaning of the term I used (in Malay).

“You might have used a 2-pin plug before, I suppose. Of course for this kinda plug, we need an adaptor to put in the 2-pins. Else, what do U use?"

"Pen!" "Keys!" "

Wow! Various answers. Very active participation.

And I added “Sometimes we keep using the plug though the pins are not very safe to be used whereas it's a bit terkangkang… right? Bcoz it’s easier to plug in” I added.

Hah? Lain macam je bunyinya! (that could have a different meaning!)” Fendi chimed-in.


“I didn't say anything… " I proclaimed innocently and it took a while for my evil grin to disappear.

I knew what he really meant to say. I couldn’t help myself, but had to act cool.

And judging from the initial responses I got from the group, I knew if I explained in the lay man words to my AS229 group (for the same subject) I will be in for another bumpy ride! :P

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