Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beginning-of-semester story

I hate it when it's the beginning of semester.

1. Too much traffic in the campus!
Reason 1: Students nowadays are rich. Even the 1st year students come to the uni by cars. And they drive bigger cars than we do!
Reason 2: The uni wanna achieve the target with millions of students. Hello! That's not a good idea, if this problem is not solved!

2. People double-triple park their vehicles. And I don't wanna be one of those being disturbed by calls, asking to move mine if I block other people's cars.
Solution : Wake up early, ask Mr Hubby send to office.
Disadvantage : Have to ride in friends' car if we are going out for lunch.

3. Cafe is packed regardless of the time. Lunchtime is even worse!
Solution : Go have lunch somewhere else (off campus)
Disadvantage : Kesian my friends! They have to drive.

4. The load: adapting to the new codes, adjusting to the new timetable, preparing exam papers, planning for field trips, etc.
Solution : Sacrifice blogging time, focus on the important ones first.
Disadvantage : I go crazy! coz I wouldn't have time to ramble about what's in my head.

Yet still I had time to bloghop here and there. And it is usually done when I have my lunch on my workstation :P I miss to comment on my bloggermates' writing.
Sorry Bella, kakTeh, AdiHana, etc. I'll get back when everything is done!

p/s: Yesterday I attended the IID 2009 at the Annex. Twas great to meet so many friends, esp. those I haven't seen for so long.


  1. Hi Isabelle, my first comment. Saya rindu campus life tp time awai 20an la :) I thought first year students not allowed to use own car, except bila dah senior.kalau tak, mmg busy lah everyday, everytime :P


  2. mmg...students skrg 'lemak'. dah la bw keta, kdg2 siap park kat tmpt staf. mklm la...masing2 kaya. kalo kena denda pun, mampu byr.

    i miss campus life in aussie. laid back, no rush, no worries.

  3. Isabelle, aku dah try install template tu. Okay no problem.

    There is a detailed instruction at on how to install the coding.

    install XML coding

    Try link kat atas dulu, kalau tak boleh let me know.


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