Monday, February 16, 2009

Pamper with pedicure!

Many of u might have had experience catering to the part of the body that bares the burden of carrying us around- the feet.

As we are always on my feet all day at work and wear our feet down shopping all day, comes the natural inclination to just forget all about the feet especially bcoz they are located at the lowest point of the body and are covered up in shoes.

Not an every-hour-slather-with-lotion-person, u can't just imagine how I really needed a pedicure although I don't have cracked heels, corns or callous and such. But I think it's just time to give those feet the extra pampering they deserve.

So, last Friday, during the long lunch break, Sab & I pampered ourselves for a manicure/pedicure session at the Dewi Sri Spa, Alam Sentral. It is a real relaxing place with a serene ambience to pamper your nails!

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the receptionist and were brought to an exquisite room before the session.

Nice, eh?

My feet were soaked in the sweetsmelling warm water while I enjoyed listening to the soothing music.

The products used while I sat back and relax and unwind the worry of the day.

Tadaaa! My shiny pedicured foot!

Hey, now... with my toes and feet look perfect and polished (Bling! Bling!) I can wear open toed sandals, funky flip-flops, or anything I wish... Hehehe

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