Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it a ........ ?

Last week, when I was stressed due to the bad traffic, I made these to be put in the kitchen.

Look closely...

What's the pix in the third frame (on ur right)?

Hubby :, this is the thing that u were talking about!
Me : A'ah... cute x? (u better say yes)
Hubby : Cantiiiikkk... chillies, tomatoes, and this is serai kan?
Me : Huh?!!! Serai??? Do they look like lemongrass?
Hubby : (giving a stinky cockle smile) :P Bukan ke?
Me : Waaa... I spent hours making it. Now u r saying it's serai?
Hubby : Err... celery, right?
Me : Waaa... (louder). It's spring onion la!!!


  1. hehehe....ada gak la roper lemongrass.

    roper celery xde langsung, memang sah la biras aku tu rabun.

  2. huh?!!!
    len kali kena boh purple2 skit la kat pangkal dia...


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