Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Geng bas sekolah

Since last week, Mr Hubby & I have started to wake up earlier than usual so we don't have to be part of the insane traffic jam that forms around the town, rushing to workplaces, etc.

At about 7ish this morning, on our way to the office, cars and buses have already started moving, to their respective destinations.

Me : Why ah these buses put up stickers like 'Wak Janggut', 'Sri Intan'...
Mr Hubby:
Me : If I were them, I’d put up ‘Geng Bas Sekolah.’ Fancy!
Mr Hubby: They can’t do so. They’ll be sued.
Me : Oh yea… (just realized)
Mr Hubby: Alternately, maybe they can put ‘GBS TTDI Jaya’
Me : Hmm… that sounds cool!

Well, Geng Bas Sekolah (GBS) is the IN tv programme on Astro Ceria for kids nowadays. Perhaps it’s not too much for me to say that it has become a phenomena!

Even my niece can sing the lines from the song from A to Z.

Kamilah geng geng geng bas sekolah
Kami wira bas mencari jawapan
Kamilah geng geng geng bas sekolah
Kamilah wira bas penyelamat dunia

Not to mention my 17mth-old Cikebum who would swing and sway upon hearing the song when the series starts.

Talking about schoolbuses, it rekindles the memories of my highschooldays. Staying in hostels literally means that we wouldn’t have to board schoolbuses. However, it’s an exception for Form 2 and Form 4 students who occupied Asrama Jalan Perak, which is about 15min drive from the main campuis...ehh! school (Asrama Jalan Lunas).

So, every morning, there will be this yellow schoolbus to fetch us to and fro the hostels in two trips. The driver is a friendly Chinese man, and we used to call him ’Apek.’

But there are days when some of us had to go back to the hostel on feet, esp. after extra class like Kelas Kemahiran AlQuran. The number of students was very little that it was not worthy for the bus to pick us up.

I remember one of those days when someone (I don’t remember whether it was a teacher or a prefect) switched on the PA system to make an announcement…

“Assalamualaikum. Attention, please! Students who come to school by Bas Apek, please gather in front of the astaka... bla...bla...”

And I was like… WHAT??? BAS APEKKK? The announcement started with nicely arranged words but suddenly… Duh!!!

I wonder whether that Apek is still alive. If he is, he must be very old now.


  1. geng geng geng geng geng geng.....

  2. hua hua hua...
    oii!!! jadi kan mai sini 1st weekend of march?

  3. InsyaALLAH jadi...tapi kami bwk CoCo kami sekali la. hahahaha...
    buleh ka?

  4. uiuiui..duk kata nak mai duk x mai pon..coco x coco..mai dulu aa..

  5. tu la, yone. depa ni pun jd tambi mcm along dah.

    coco? hahaha..ayah, diorg nak bwk yak la. musti berak koko ni. kua..kua..kuaaa...

    hampa bwk coco, kalo adam picit2, kami x tau haaa

  6. iklan ini adalah utk cubaan email baru kami...

    cubaan email... satu.. dua.. tiga...
    testing... testing...


  7. testing... one more..
    testing one more...

    tuan puteri jgn marah ye

  8. jalan tambi kecik? hahahaha....aku tak termasuk golongan - jalan tambi kecik tau!

    Yonex, hang mai amik kami kat keyel. kami naik komuter sekerat, naik keta hang sekerat. muleh? cik yone


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