Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost and Found...not

While being excited counting the days to be surrounded by my dear friends on my birthday next Thursday, I suddenly found myself in grief by dusk this week's Thursday.

After seconds stepping into the house, I realized one of the brooches on my kebaya was missing. I was like a mad woman, crying childishly and urged him to look for it.
Being the usual understanding and patient man, Mr Hubby drove us out in search of the lost tiny brooch despite his fatigue after the whole day at work.

We went back to the stalls where we stopped earlier, to Adam’s sitter’s place, to my fac and to his office, yet there were no signs of lost-AND-found. The sentimental part of me felt a bit sad as I was once overjoyed getting them.

Call me selfish, call me unreasonable… or whatever u may. But I don't remember feeling so happy receiving the triplet brooches for our anniversary when we first stepped foot in Sabah.
Much to my disappointment, it is almost impossible to find the same design in the market anymore, even if I stormed into all shopping spots in Sabah. So to say, I have to mix-n-match la. Sob…sob…

Back home, I tried to divert my attention by chitchatting about other subjects while sitting for the takeaway meal. My thoughts told me “I might feel too sad to have my usual appetite to finish this up.”

But after minutes… hehehe…licin jugak rupanya :P

This morning, the outlook I had yesterday somehow had dimmed and I was actually on the verge of tears. Somehow, along the line of growing up, I learn to accept it. Well, that’s the way it should be.

Eh-oh… I am being sentimental here (more like 'mental; actually.).. and nostalgic.. and stupid! Huhuh.. I gotta stop listening to the devil’s whisper and start re-checking what did I do wrong for being ‘tested’ this way.

How grateful I am for getting him as my hubby, to teach me to accept whole-heartedly (redha) with what Allah had decided. I know, if it was him who no-matter-how lost the thing I gave him, I’d just turn the world upside down! Teruknya!


  1. terok la hang....harharhar....

  2. centaa...

    jgn sedih, apa yg Allah berikan pada kita hanya lah pinjaman semata2..

    ingat satu perkara... kita merancang dan tuhan menentukan. semestinya apa yang kita rancang semuanya memihak kepada kita, x pernah kita rancang untuk keburukan dan kekalahan pada kita..

    Allah bagi ujian pd kita tanda dia ingat pada kita, Allah bagi kita kesenangan dan kebahagiaan tanda reward pada kita sebab kita sentiasa bersyukur, dan jgn lupa ia juga ujian pada kita samada kita terus ingat pada dia atau kita lupa diri.

    jgn sekali2 kita berjalan di muka bumi Nya dgn rasa riak dan bangga... akibatnya dilakhnatiNya.. sbb nya mudah, dunia hanya pinjam2an. yang kekal hanya Dia yang maha kuasa.

    bsyukur apa yg kita ada, bsyukur pada sejarah kita, bsyukur apa yg akan diberikan dan bsyukur apa yg menimpa...

    xde satu perkara pun dlm hidup kita ni yg terjadi tanpa redhanye, Dia yg maha pengasih tau apa yg terbaik pada kita.

    kenang sahabat2 nabi kita, abd rahman auf sekaya2 sahabat, saidina ali, antara semiskin2 sahabat, bilal bin rabah sehitam2 manusia, khalil al walid selepas dia memeluk islam, nabi tak pernah pandang mukannya,

    renung2kan dan selamat beramal...

    suamimu yg mcintaimu
    advisor KEREPEKUSUKA..

  3. Mak aii...panjangnyer.

  4. waaa... insap sekejap.
    hehehe. sekejap je tau >:P


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