Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tesco oh Tesco

We have been preferring Tesco to Giant for quite some time now. It's just bcoz the prices of most items are lower than those of the latter.

However lately we are very upset with Tesco. Reasons?

1. Some shelves are empty.

2. They put up banners saying that new counters will be opened if there are more than ....5-if-i'm-not-mistaken people queueing.

3. Things shown in the flyers (to be on promotion) are not available. Huhu... there goes my dream to buy a mixer!

4. Our last coupons were not delivered bcoz they didn't update my change of address after about 2 months. Hampeh kan?

5. The latest, last weekend...I bought our fav Chrysanthemum Tea bcoz it was on the so-called promotion.

As u could see, buy two at the price of RM2.89.

But at the counter, I was charged RM1.75 per box, hence RM10.50.

So, we queried and the cashier asked a staff in-charge to check the price tag for us. MrHubby's face was already like lusus naturae goliath by that time, demanding to meet the Manager. It was our second or third time facing this problem, and the last time we didn't complain anything.

The girl came after making us wait like idiots for a few mins, only to tell us that it was really RM1.75.

Not satisfied, I cancelled the purchase and walked to the shelves again to check, snapped the photo.

Then, I asked another staff (Zuraidah)... what does the price tag mean? (just in case I got it wrong) and she clarified it the way I interpreted it.

Apa lagi? I told her what happened and she took us to the Customer Service Counter to pay for the right price. Huh! Puas hati aku...

Well, I know it is just a few cents but hello... why are u guys trying to cheat customers, even after the first staff re-checked it?

I remember in BNE, Kelly used to buy navel oranges at Coles and she was always charged the higher price of another breed of oranges. The result?
She got them for free.

Haihhh...Can't Tesco or Giant do something similar?


  1. me got same experiece like urs..but at care4...letak arge lain..then scan arge perasan biler dh pegi balik the center...nk kompem arge b4 g cust service...derang baru jek tuka arge..wth...arge baru dh terpampang...supplier tgh jln g blkg dgn bawak arge lame...eee geramnyerr...

  2. ieFa,
    hampess..boleh pulak mcm tu ye?

  3. huda pn ader same experience tp kt care4. harga di tag bler nk byr mhl after complain, nasib dorang kasik harga yg murah tue..kl tak mmg cancel la brg tue..puas hati

  4. emang suka gitu tuh is.. musti ceck bener2.. hraganya klo baru diskon suka blm update di database.. bikin bt ajah.. musti bolak balik ke cs..

  5. Same experience with iEfa kat Care4 a...dah 2 kali consecutively pulak (tapi on both ocassions, I just didn't proceed with purchase)...then once in Tesco, exactly like ur experience...

    Yup, I also had the same problem with my change of dah 4 months, still no signs on my coupons...

  6. kalau dpt gi TESCO tu mcm bwk gi paris la ye...

  7. same too! we can't even get our fav 3in1 Nescafe the red one & it was a big mistake replacing it with the yellow one. It taste horrible!

    i'll do the same too if the price differ..good for u!

  8. kambingbujang,
    carrefour pun hampeh gak? huh.

    aku pikir mo bakar aja tesco tu. tapi besok2 aku jg yg mo ke sana. heehee

    u better check. i did last time, smpi nak hangin satu bdn kat kaunter tu. dah tukar address, diorg x update rupanya. budus!

    tesco tu mmg umpama paris buatku. tapi, kalo dah jd mcm ni, dah sama mc Parit je. huh!

    ya..mari kita protes! biar diorg rasa bsalah kat customer. hahaha


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