Friday, September 4, 2009

Colours of Penang

Last weekend, we went back to Penang... with the intention to break fast together with my family, as this year we will be celebrating Raya at Endau.

Made a move by 7ish and arrived by half to midnite.

The next day, plans were made with my bro, Kokokularigagahberani & family... So, we bought various dishes at Param and enjoyed 'em with the rest of the clans.

(No pix as I myself was so bz breaking the unbroken fast. Teehee)

Hohoho. Iman is MakTok's favourite! Huahuahua

Came Sunday, everybody was so tempted to try buffet at Sunway Hotel, Seberang Jaya. My youngest sister, Ina used to work there. She has been promising discounts/vouchers for special price there for sooo long... but at least, this time we managed to get free for one head. Haha.

Ina who couldn't wait to meet Abg Zabidi. Hahaha

p/s: Oit, Ina... Aku sokong la hang dgn Abg Bidi tu. Confirm mak dgn Abah suka. As long as I can eat free buffet for 30days. (evil sungguh!)

The price? Well, if u are looking for affordable choices for Ramadan buffets, this is the place. It's just RM48 per head....for...

scrumptious buffet spreads that will tantalise your taste buds and satiate your hunger - without breaking the bank this month!
I love the mussels very much!
Ramadan is the time of abstinence? Eheh...

Us, before filling in the tables with food and walloping 'em all.

At home...muka budak x puasa...

like Upin Ipin, with his 'ayam ciken'

Monday, we went to Param... and look at these fancy banners.

Err...apa yang sangkut? Hehe >:)
Kak Nita Sayangku Ikan Bakar. Wakakaka...
I tell u what, her bangles/bracelets sampai siku!!!

Telur berbasuh. May I ask the hawker- which egg? Hehe

Referring to my disappointment with my G900 Sony E, I am now using 6210, the Navigator... bought after consulting Kokokularigagahberani.

I believe Nokia will never upset me, hence am having peace of mind now. The 3.2MP is not an issue, as my old digicam with the same spec performed well anyway. Plus, I always bring my 8MP Olympus wherever I go.

Please enjoy this videoclip of Apek singing outside Lorong Kulit. Wait until u see him dancing. Hahaha.

Ohhh...Penang is so colourful!


  1. telur berbasuh - x tahan betul.. sempat kamu melucah ya di bulan ramadhan ni... ahaks? ke it's just me yg translate it that way? heheheh...

  2. oyis,
    ngee :P
    ehhhh...i didnt mean that (muka buat2 innocent). hahaha.

  3. perasan tak budak suka makan ayam arah tulang? ie. drumstick, makan kat bucu tu pdhal kita makan kat yg isi mcm iklan KFC. selalu kena ajar :p

  4. salzahari,
    adam ni asyik ngikut ktorg. sibuk nak mamah tulang ayam. isi tu xde lak dia nak bersungguh2 mkn.

  5. macam kenal je param tu.. you org mana ni Is? rindu nyer kat sup gearbox tuh.. huhuhuhu


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