Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skinny? Who's skinny?

"Is? Which Is?"

"Alaa....Is, the skinny one."


And when I say 'skinny' here... I mean, they refer it as 'kurus'.

Well, that's how most people describe me. Why eh? I am not as skinny as this one...

This is a selected pix, as most skinny models are the ones wearing bikinis and such. Bulan posa kan?

Aiyooo!!! Am I that skinny?

After giving birth, I can say that my weight is okay. Unlike those single days, in which I looked damn scrawnily 'cekeding'.

In fact, I didn't look good on my wedding day bcoz the thinness was noticeable.

I used to have consistent weight of about 48kg, that was when I was in the boarding schools. Y'know la...6 meals a day. Yet, my figure was just about the same.

When in the university, my weight once dropped to 45kg, then 43, 42 and lastly...40kg!
That was it! Nothing less than that. Kira nett weight la tu. Hihihi

The Programme Head once said I was anorexic!
Huh? That never crossed my mind. Why would I be a bulimic?
I ate (and still eat) a lot. I get hungry easily and love munching all the time.

During pregnancy I gained a good 20kg. But all went off with time, and the last time I have my weight measured, it was 46kg.

With my height of 5'4", I think it is not bad.
Except that the BMI still calculates it as Underweight :P

U see? This was me yesterday...

Not skinny eh?

Don't la use that word on me. Let's use a friendlier term...slim. Doesn't it sound better? Hehehe (mengada sungguh!)

And I admit it bcoz that blouse is of size XS. Sungguh x sedar diri kan?


  1. hehehe..
    bear yg slim ye..
    dont u worry my dear, put some weigth more or not, i still love u dear.

    wanna tips, if every year ur berat turun naik then u can buy new baju, lots of new baju n seluar kan... err.. ni tips makan diri tak?
    hehehe... biu2..

  2. Me too! We're in the same boat..time pegnant,42 kg naik smapai 60kg.lps naik keja, mentain 45kg je! wuhoo.. untung jugak tp mmg susah sungguh la time cari baju pengantin.

    anyway, i rasa sbb keseliman kita itulah salah satu punca ssh nak conceive (selain belum rezeki).

  3. abu zuhair,
    ooo...saja bagi tips utk diri sendiri ye? lariiii...

    err...kalo naik turun sekilo je, leh beli baju baru gak kan? kan? hehe

    ye ke susah nak conceive? masa 1st dulu, smpt sekali je period, terus pregnant. hahaha.
    anyway, our high metabolism ni wouldnt last long. tu yg risau tu...sok2 tua dok buat lagi tabiat mkn x hengat dunia, jenuh!

  4. 5 4' tuh baper eh...hihi 1.6 ker ..
    dlm gamba cam okey jek...oeky ler tuh...

    me nk 46 ni tk tecapai2 ni..naek turun 47 48 jek...gerammnyer...
    pungkuk ku...peha ku...huhuhuh

  5. iEfa,
    5'4' is about 164-165cm.
    okay le tu, nak reduce lg watpe?

  6. count ur blessings, Is... u wouldn't want to be in my shoes :P

    seriously, kalo kita bkn member, I would've hated u.... ! jelesnya!

    but no la, just kidding. honestly, i lap u... *peace*

    if anything, u look gorgeous there. x de la sampai bones sticking out. serious!

  7. oyis,
    eheh...u made me smile tersiput-siput dpn pc. hehe.

    no bones sticking out? u should know, i had to make sure with my hands gestures while taking pix, sbb prnh nmpk tulang2...mcm nenek. eee...
    my fren used to laugh at me sbb masa mandi dia nmpk my tulang selangka (near the neck & shoulders) were so obvious. siot je.
    btw, ur figure is not bad pun. u look good, really.

    whatever it is, we know how to 'cover' our weaknesses kan? hehe

  8. hye is. in engineering, we call slim as "slender" muahahahahahhaha

  9. kay dora,
    yes,i am aware of, can i say that i am slender too? hehe
    btw, PTK results kuar bila ekk?

  10. hey, kurus xpa...jgn gemoks...
    but your figure now, better than before. alah..nama kata sihat & boleh bergaya!pedulik hapa org kata...skinny..skunk..spoon...

  11. is@r, apa kata aku skunk nih?
    besa ni...


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