Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indo vocab II : confusions

(This is an entry following my Bandoeng entry, so am in the mood for Indo. Hehe.)

Well, as some Indonesians said to Indo vocab/accent is pretty good. So the diameter of my nostrils widens everytime I hear the compliments.

Until I went to MamaPasha's place that day, and read her recipe book (in Bahasa Indonesia)....

My goodness!!!
Apokobondo nih?
Kemiri, Kluwih, Ampela?

Nggak jelas! Any idea, mates?

Well, let me tell u... kemiri is wax nut a.k.a buah keras, kluwih means nangka muda, while ampela refers to pedal. Lucky that MamaPasha's BM vocab is excellent, so it wasn't that hard for her to find the terms.

One more thing, do u realize that Indonesians use many short terms? Even the shortest names are shortened. Indonesian friends: Inten is called Ten, Rendi is called Ren, Feri is called Fer.

Giler jimat air liur!

And as for other words in daily conversations... (just to name a few)
  • Ortu = Orang Tua
  • Bonyok = Bokap & Nyokap (parents)
  • PD (read: pede) = Percaya Diri (confidence)
  • BT (read:bete) = Bad-Tempered
  • Lemot = Lemah Otak (a.k.a Lampi=lambat pikap in BM)
and one thing I hv almost forgotten is... Mujadul (until the word popped out when we were in Bandung and we burst into laughter)

Guess what? It refers to this friend of mine...

whom Inten claimed to have an old-fashioned face, that is Muka Jaman Dulu.
Hehe...Damn funny!

Everytime my friend bumped into him at the uni or in the city, she'd come back home and tell me..."Eh, Is...I saw Mujadul!"

(Wan Sham, if u happen to read this, aku mintak ampun siap2 ye? Hehe)

Another confusion was when I chitchat with Desi (another Indo friend) about doing assignments together. She said she wouldn't be able to make it bcoz she has a part-time job.

Desi : Nggak bisa, Is. Aku mesti ngantarin koran!
Moi : Ngantarin koran?
Desi : Iya...
Moi : Emang banyak koran nya?
Desi : Banyak. Kan harus dihantar ke semua rumah!
Moi : (dalam hati)...Lho... ramai sangat ke org Islam kat Brisbane ni, smpi nak kena hantar Quran kat setiap rumah?

Later, I remember...actually the 'koran' she was talking about is not 'The Holy Koran', but...


Hahaha...Giler lawak!!!

Then, came my birthday... that we planned to have a party at the park across the Brisbane River (was it Davies Park?).

So, Desi and I was discussing about what dish she wanted to bring... Kue sus!

Obviously from its name, I started to imagine that it's a kuih with saucy filling. But I was wrong. Very wrong. Kue sus is....

My birthday in 2006.
I miss the bunch. Stephan, the-girl-whom-I-forgot-her-name, Andy, Desi, Inten, Ega, Steve & girlfriend, Alex (the only Russian I would never miss), Mbak Tati, Anu, Masreen, Sanket, Sophea (who shares the sama birthdate with me), K.Anis with Helmi & Pija.

Eh, Boboy is not in the pix! Oh..maybe he/she was the photographer! ;)


  1. kah kah kah...koran tu newpapers ya... waduh jauh bener bunyinya!

  2. iya, buk...
    english will have to spell it as 'the holy quran', not 'the holy koran' la.

  3. ehehehe... mau baca novel bahasa indonesia??? biar tambah pinter.. :P

  4. mamapasha,
    mampus gw kalo disuruh baca novel. 'jitak' aja aku nggak ngerti apa. hahaha

  5. Salam perkenalan isabelle ...

    Hahaha ... i like ur entry - very funny .. especially the bit where everything gets shortened in Indon.

    I'm half Indonesian, you see .. so i have no trouble understanding the language as me mom speaks indon at home (supaya anak2nya kalau balik kg boleh berkomunikasi dgn sedara2 di sana, hahaha)

    Tapi bila sampai cakap bahasa Jawa - Aduhhhh, ku angkat tangan surrender!!!


  6. DNNA,
    salam perkenalan. la kalo mcm tu. ckp laju je mcm air.
    tapi part bahasa jowo tu, xdapek mak nak nolong. huhu.

  7. hahaha

    memang indonesian suka shortform2 kan. suka dengar kalo ckp ngan derang.

  8. mommylyna,
    mmg best kalo diorg ckp. kalo time x fhm tu yg jenuh skit.


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