Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why do I blog?

This is a tag by SyaYassir.
Tq, Sya.

When I first started the blog, I didn't tell anyone. It was only officially 'announced' on MrHubby's birthday last year, bcoz I used to tell him how wonderful the stories of other people's lives are (in their blogs) and he encouraged me to start one.

Well, actually I have been keeping this desire to write for quite long. Write something non-academic, that is.

I might not have the skills of an author, but I find narrative blog like KakTeh's is very pleasing. I just love the way she puts down everything in writing.
So, I can say that I am sorta inspired by her to blog.

I love telling stories. Apart from the routine of giving lectures, I sometimes find myself diverting from the main topic to a story to make it interesting. Hahaha.
Don't be surprised if u could know me so much in just our first/second encounter! I could simply talk to strangers about a lot of things.

Perhaps verbal story-telling is not my piece of cake, so the alternative is to have it written. I love properly constructed sentences, and am very particular when it comes to grammar, etc. So, I find it easier to write bcoz I can make it perfect. Oh...what a perfect melancholy!!! I am supposed to be a popular sanguine!!!

Blogging has become a therapy to me. It reduces stress, it brings in friends (I love u, my blogger friends!) and it lets me share my happiness and lash out anything. It's my page, so it's up to me to write whatever I want.

I want to have all my memories recorded in the blog, for others to share (similarities and differences) and for my kid(s) to read when they grow up. I will grow old anyway, by then prolly I wouldnt be able to memorize a lot. (Wahh...will I turn senile?)

If u realize, I use English in 99% of my writing. That is to keep in touch and update my friends in other countries who do not understand our mother tongue. I'd rather keep a blog than a Facebook (actually, I wish I could start Facebooking too, but it might be addictive!)

Okay now...I wanna tag...

1) P-na
2) Hanz
3) KayDora
4) Jeela
5) Reitak


  1. huiyoo... nama aku 1st tuh...

  2. bloeggers blog for so many reasons..
    but i guess, mostly becoz we wnt all the memory remains kan?

  3. whoops!! I just noticed..:)

    hang on, I'll get there, ya...

  4. pna,
    haaa..jgn x buat.

    thanks for dropping by.
    i agree with u. we wanna have a cyber diary with pix. kalo diary biasa, jenuh nak buat mcm ni :P

    ok...will be waiting.


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