Thursday, September 3, 2009

MSG Follower contest

Rather than the normal-shaped Raya cookies, I think it's cool to have something synchronized with the celebration. Like this one...

This is really kuih raya!

Look at these vibrant coloured cookies... it's making me swallowing my saliva. Glug!
I love the bright colours

But sad to say, I only stumbled upon this blog a few days ago... which means I won't be able to order some of her great culinary arts for Raya :-(
The organizer, Ija is a young creative baker who plays with distinctive hues that make the cakes/cookies/cuppies/muffins even more appealing........

Especially during this fasting month, I could treat my eyes for hours, flipping the pages back and forth... Hehe. Makruh x puasa?

This is a contest held by Moonsweetgarden (MSG)

Step 1
Become one of MsG’s FOLLOWER - Me the 47th follower

Step 2
Add MsG’s URL to your blog ( - Done

Step 3
Please add “Photo of MsG Contest 2009!!”as a sticky post feature to your blog until 6th September 2009 - Done

Step 4
“I love to surf MsG blog because... the vivacous colours are so inviting, they convey the aroma and the taste marvellously despite being in the cyber world."

Step 5
Fill up the Contest Form and send to;

Step 6
Winners will be announced on 11th September 2009.


  1. wah, sungguh la warna warni beskutnya.

  2. hint buat aku nih maksudnya.. hhahaha... tenang... ntar aku bikinin.. sekalian bday cake adam..

  3. i think the contest runs until 24th sept ;)

  4. anyway, i like ur slogan...sooo catchy & creative :p

  5. wah, so nice n yummy!!it's too cute to be eaten!!

  6. farah,
    giler kiut kan?

    yaa...kalerful sungguh.

    wah...ibu baker ni. cepat pikap la.
    ternyata gak lemot. hahaha.

    mama zharfan,
    i pun x perasan smpi bila...hehe.main taruk je.

    ada yg simpan smpi berkulat ni kang...sbb syg nak mkn. hohoho


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