Monday, April 4, 2011

Lil Adib meeting TokNgah

After the exams on Saturday (don't ask me about the exams-I dont wanna talk about it!!!), I went back home and received a call from my fav auntie.

Since Mak Ngah & PakNgah were in the neighbourhood after attending a wedding, we decided to catch up at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which is just 5mins away from my place.

Lil Adib behaved so well. PakNgah pun didn't seem that awkward though he must have forgotten the fatherhood skills when it comes to handling babies.

Time ni Lil Adam baru kena marah sebab terlanggar meja, luckily the spilled coffee tak kena Lil Justify FullAdib. Tengok tu Lil Adib dah terlena atas riba PakNgah.

It was just a casual meet up. But since MakNgah's birthday has just passed, we had a slice of RVC. Takleh banyak-banyak bcoz they are health freaks too like I am (iyelah sangat aku ni health freak).

Well, that's how simple it was.
PakNgah and MakNgah lead a very simple life. I wish mine'll be like that too.

Cer tengok... muka PakNgah ada iras-iras sapa? (hint: a famous person)


  1. Muka Adam kat last pic...tu protest mara ke apa.

  2. muncung je adam..majuk eh kena marah? ekeke


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