Monday, August 25, 2008

The talking camel

Alkisahnye, Sham was reading the book I bought for him "Soal Jawab Remeh-Temeh: Salah Faham Tentang Islam, Tapi Anda Malu Bertanya"
So, I asked "What's in the book?" --the lazy me hoping to hear the good points extracted from the book.

Sham explained...

There was a Jew who once accused a Muslim for stealing his camel. So, he even brought up four witnesses to support his claim. Upon seeing it, Rasullullah PBUH decided to punish him (hudud).

The muslim was bewildered and he prayed for the truth to be revealed. Then he said to Rasulullah... "Your decision is right, but please let the camel alibi."

Rasulullah asked the camel "Oh camel, whose are you?"

And the camel said fluently and clearly "Ya Rasulullah, I belong to this Muslim hence the fake witnesses."

Rasulullah said "Tell me what did you do that Allah helps you by making this camel a talking camel that speaks the truth?"

He simply answered "I never slept at night before I recite the selawat on you 10 times."

*** *** ***

Then, the naughty me added "The camel was astonished and detected a hint of riak in the owner. So it said "Ish.. ish.. ish... I sense a riak feeling."

Sham : And the owner was angry with the statement, so he slaughtered the camel.

Me : But the camel managed to recite the syahadah, that he rests in peace :P

Sham : Haa...buat main pulak dengan sirah nabawi (with a stern look) U shouldn't make fun of the Prophet's story!

Me : No la...I was just exaggerating....Hihihi (and off I ran to the bathroom)

The lessons :

1. The reward we get by reciting selawat amounts to a large indefinite number. It may protect us not only in this world, but also hereafter.

2. Don't make fun of the miracles Allah creates...nanti kena jeling dengan laki walaupun dia pun ada tumpang sekaki!

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