Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bon appetite!

I have a very good appetite. As in my previous entry, I still have big appetite. It has been several times that the waitress at the restaurant showed 'amazed' facial expression when I asked for more rice in my plate. (Well, it's unusual, esp. for a thin person like me).

Sham on the other hand, has never showed any expression, even when he realized I eat more than I used to. When I asked him whether he has anything to say about that, he'll simply say..."It's okay. U need the energy." ...and the answer made me blushed. Hehehe. Yet, that doesn't stop me from nibbling and munching between mealtimes.

Adam's appetite? I once tried soaking the baby’s rusks in water, but the way Adam eat it, I can tell- it was bland!
Even if it is orange-flavoured or so, he'll spit it out. (perhaps he doesn't like artificial flavourings!)

Thankfully, it didn't take me too long to realize he was interested in trying other things. Soon, Adam was gobbling down various fruits like papayas, honey dews, pears and apples and just the other day I decided to let him try dragon fruits.

I might not be a great cook, but at least I know how to puree like a pro (and am quite keen on the papayas and pumpkin).

Sue didn't encourage me to prepare vege for him, as his cereal is already stuffed with carrots and such.

With the healthy appetite, he is strong enough to get on with the work at hand. There are places to go and things to learn and he just can't keep still. And I have to burn the calories I got from the food I ate to chase and grab him before he falls down.

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