Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain...rain...come down

It has been so long since the last rain poured in Shah Alam, I reckon.
Just now, outta my office, I saw trees dancing in the cool breeze and it's quite gloomy.
I hope it would rain soon.

I love the feel of light showers on my skin...
The smell of rain,
the smell of wet grass and trees,
It's easy on the eyes too - the days aren't as bright.

When I was in Brisbane, I loved the weather so much. Doing outdoor activities was fun!

Bathed by the summer sun
Drizzled by the autumn light showers
Blown by the winter wind
Stunned by the sweet spring smell
Mesmerized by the hailstorm once in a while

The weather was sooo beautiful. Luckily I wasn't in Melbourne where they experience 4 seasons in a day! :P

Those are the good things about rain that I think most people overlook. All those sun worshipers, the don't know what they're missing.

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