Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anger management

Last night, Sham told me something that made me worried. I have changed to a bad tempered person!

Without me realizing, actually these days, I tend to lash out at everyone who crosses my path, with harsh words. OMG! What's wrong with me?

Worse, no matter who pissed me off, I'd channel my pique to Sham. Actually, it's bcoz I express to and share most of my feelings with him. reason? He's a good listener (apart from Sab & Zana) and if he doesn't listen, things will get worse. Poor him! After a long day at the office, he still has to listen to my shitty stories.

I remember once ago, I managed to control my snappishness just by remembering a statement... "Anger is the food of the crazy" (Marah itu adalah makanan orang gila).

How did the patience vanish? Astaghfirullahal 'azim....

Those who spend in the path of Allah in prosperity and adversity and who restrain anger and who pardon men. And virtuous people are dear to Allah.
Ali Imran: 134

Well, I better think twice, thrice or numerous times before I say anything. Mulut tak boleh laju daripada processor! :P

Dear Sham, sorry that u have to put up with my temper tantrums. I feel bad :(

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