Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parenthood Expo

After the Sports Carnival on Saturday, we headed to Dian's place. Wahhh..Paman Jalak & Cik Dian dah ada baby. So, now Adam has a li'l brother named Aqil Darwisy.

See...Adam's getting to know little Aqil. (this is the pix before he friendly gave the not-so-gentle pat).
Here's another pix... Adam's notty face was like saying "Heh heh...wait until u grow a little bit. I'll bully u!"

Came Sunday, Sham was so kind to bring me to the Parenthood Expo I really wanted to go. Thanks, Sayang. Muahhh..muahhh...

We really had a good time despite the big crowd. Enrolled Adam in the Milna's Baby Olympiad, but he hardly smiled when the photographer was trying to get a good snap. That's ok, it was just for fun.

In the other hall, we had a photo taken near the Immunofortis standee, with us wearing the starwars-like costume. Hahaha. Macam M.Daud Kilau pun ada... with the flashy clothes.

Sham even participated in the Mamil Gold's "Preparing Milk with One Hand" challenge. He took his own sweet time, yet the consolation prize was worthy- a big tin of the formula! Of course cannot win maaa... usually the milk was prepared 'in me' :P

We collected many freebies and free samples and even bought Adam's first pair of shoes. Adam was already aslept by the time the Blue Bear passed by.

When he woke up, Sham surprised him with the lion mask. He giggled upon seeing the weird face.
Until today actually, he likes to peek-a-boo with the lion mask in the car. Lucky that I kept another one (just in case this one is torn).

Whew! It was a bit tiring, but we enjoyed it beary much. Errr..We? Or maybe it's just me? :P As Sham said..."I think u're more excited than Adam is, honey."

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