Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running nose

Arghhh... I hate it when I catch a flu. It keeps my nose running, if not stuffy.

Sham made a joke saying that that's what people mean when they say "Air naik ke kepala" (if u got what I mean). Hahaha. Kalau ye pun, air tu penuh, xde lah overflow kat lubang hidung, kan? :P

The good things about not feeling well

  1. The doctor* will bring the medicine & water for me, cover me with blanket and give me as many pillows I want.
  2. Extra attention. Hehe. I'll get back massages till I fall asleep. Anyway, I do get massages almost everyday, but that's upon request!
  3. Priority on me –nak makan apa? But somehow, this is also a disadvantage, bcoz I don’t mind eating anything.
  4. I would be allowed to take long shower, don't have to rush to look after Cikebum. After taking the medicine, I could just go to bed (with Cikebum) and the doctor* will turn into maid mode. hehehe.

The bad things about not feeling well

  1. I get mad easily, esp. when little Cikebum is extra mengada-ngada.
  2. Still have to wake up early and go to work. Bukan rajin, but I just don't wanna be alone at home. It must be worse. Stay at home with Cikebum around? No…
  3. Medicine makes me drowsy.. hence I’d just sleep. If I were to be at home, might as well I watch the TV. Hehe..isn’t it considered resting too?
  4. I just want to merap…(Read: meghap). Over-pampered.
  5. The doctor* wouldn’t allow me to eat this and that (though I still do). Banyak pulak pantang-larang!
  6. Little Cikebum may also get the flu. (Goes back to point No.1)
Luckily the Doctor* is not sick too. Otherwise, lagi susah le jawabnye. In sickness and in health la katakan....

I need to rest to recuperate from this flu, but I don't wanna cancel the lectures today.

*the Doctor = Sham le. Who else?

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