Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laurels to Najah

Today, while feeling lazy at work, I played some mp3 on my computer. One of them was Goodbye (Air Supply)- why on earth do they call themselves with this name?

The song reminded me of Najah, my best friend. I quickly grabbed my hp and texted her. Call me sentimental, call me mushy... yes, I always reminisce the memories of my friends (perhaps none of them ever thought of me as much as I do about them).

I told her that I still remember we used to sing that song during prep time, at the teacher's table. We even 'sing' the piano tunes in the bridge of the song. Haha! Those days...

Najah...if not singing, she'd be reading the book. Me...if not singing, I'd be sleeping the whole prep time. Hahaha. Now, u know why I am not a Doctor like her! :P

Anyway, she's a friend I am always proud of and I admire since we started being friends. I remember having a bad impression when I first knew her. Time changed, and we became close friends.

She was in love with Bear, her boyfriend (then), but I was the one who always drew 'bears' for her, wrap her presents for Bear, etc.
After 10 years, they got married, but I couldn't make it as I was away for my Masters.

Now that she's a doctor, I always refer to her on any illnesses/diseases, and she's always helpful in providing me info of what I'd like to know.

Later, while I was giving lecture, Najah texted me. Her UPT is positive! Yay! Kudos, dear friend! I'm soooo happy for u. Looks like Wafiy has to learn being more tolerable from now on. (wink)

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