Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You and I - what language do we speak?

"I ingat U tak datang"
"Of course I datang. Father I siap hantar I lagi, memang sporting!"

(I thought you are not coming)
(Of course I come. My father even sent me here, he's very supportive)

I bet that this kind of conversation is common to our ears, with the English pronouns 'You' and 'I' sprinkled all over the dialogues and rojak (mixed) Manglish.

Rather than saying it "Father I", might as well use "My father". Still two English words. Or maybe the speaker is just too stupid to use correct grammar?

Don't we have our own pronouns? Certainly we do. There is such a proliferation of pronouns in our language, each indicating a particular shade between the speaker and the one spoken to.
We have...
-Saya, aku, beta, hamba, patik (the last 3 for the royals) -to replace 'I'
-Awak, kamu, engkau, kau -to replace 'you'

When we speak bazaar Malay, we might opt to the Chinese 'Lu' and 'Gua' complete with twang.
It isn't complicated! So, why turn to sheer desperation to the simplicity of 'You' and 'I'?

Are we waiting for some trendsetters to introduce a catchy alternative? I think it's already colourful that we have different dialects in almost every states (e.g. Chek-Hang, Ambo-Ekau, etc.)

Still not enough?

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