Thursday, August 28, 2008

Die eating, not dieting :P

Yes, I am a health freak, or maybe a proper way to call it- a health conscious person. Most people usually view 'diet' as restricting food intake to lose weight, but to me, it's a just the usual food/drinks consumed on a daily basis.

I never diet... I just enjoy all food I can eat without feeling guilty, yet thank God, I hardly put on weight! My only worry is my cholesterol level, as I tend to gobble everything down without thinking of the risk to get fat. So in a way, I am risking my health too.

Whenever I tell people about my high cholesterol level, they wouldn't believe me. C'mon man... it's not about the visible lipid. It's in the bloodstream maaa...

Few days back, I got my blood test result. I was impressed to know that my HDL is of good level, as well as the others. Unfortunately, my LDL is off the optimal range. Hehehe

Looks like there will be no more huge servings of red meat, seafood... What??? Seafood? Uhuk uhuk... that's unbearable :(

Sham's blood test result? Hahaha. Even worse... Besides the high LDL and low HDL, his uric acid and triglycerides levels are slightly high.

Saturated fats (as in meat & butter) and Trans fats (deep-fried food) are the most important factors that raise LDL and total cholesterol, not dietary cholesterol!

In fact, an article I read claimed that seafood can be consumed a few times per week if saturated fat intakes are low, as most seafood is excruciatingly low in saturated fat!

To Decrease LDL, I have to:-

  • Eat more foods with soluble fiber -fruits, oats, barley, nyum nyum!
  • Eat more soy proteins -Ahah! taufufa! ;) jangan mintakkkk!
  • Eat Omega 3-rich food such as Salmon, Fish Oils -Scott's emulsion, boleh x?
  • Include Garlic -wouldn't that make me have a bad breath?
  • Keep a healthy weight -not a big deal!
  • Keep an active lifestyle -what??? exercise? huhu
To sum up, when it comes to consuming/intake of the food, I'd be more than happy to do it. The problem is when I have to cut down the intake or stop eating. Hahaha.

From the previous experience, I know I'll be kinda strict with my diet (not to take oily food, fatty stuff).

McD? Oh nooo... too much fats!
Banana fritters? No... no... it's deep-fried.
KFC? High cholesterol...

But it's not gonna be for long. Say, a week or two after that, I'll see myself munching the sinful fattening foodie again. Hahaha... Like the Malay proverb says Hangat-hangat tahi ayam (warm as chicken's shit)

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