Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mok Su Jamal's daughter-in-law

Yesterday, Sham & I took little Cikebum to the clinic as his health was not improving - he vomitted in the car when I tried to breastfeed him. The Dr. prescribed some medicines and dehydration salt and off we went home.

Shortly after, when I tried feeding him the medicines, he expelled it out and spewed again. So, we rushed to the ER of the hospital. After about an hour, we met the Dr...and he just said that Cikebum could be lactulose-intolerant (or is it lactose intolerant?). is that possible while he doesn't consume formula? Anyway, he advised that I stop breastfeeding for a while and opt to soy-based formula. Whatever!

When we arrived home, despite feeling sleepy, we had a very late dinner in front of the TV while watching Saving Private Ryan.Don't be surprised...that was my first time watching this movie, though people have talked about it since 10 years ago. Haha! Well, apparently there's Tom Hanks- and I tend to stay put when he's acting. So, I watched till the end.

Throughout the 2 hrs (I watched halfway), I kept criticizing and condemning.
The main cast being condemned by me was Corporal Timothy E. Upham (Jeremy Davies), who is attached to the squad as a language translator. Though exposed to the horror of war for the first time, he shouldn't be such a coward!
"Eee..marah betul aku. Lembab! Chicken-hearted! Bodoh! "

I remember the scene he was standing on the staircase where shell shock and fear paralyzed him such that he could not lift a finger to help and the German walked past him. He was so ignobly timid and faint-hearted! Poltroon!

"Huh! Takde Tel*r ke? Eee...teruknya dia nie! What a malicious pussilanimous!"
Sham said..."U see, that's what happens in life, one bad apple can ruin the whole group. It happens in our daily lives too, whether or not we realize it"

Yes, in this case, Upham fails in his duty to deliver ammunition.

Sissy boy! Craven! Toksah hidup la kalo macam ni...

A few mins before the war ended, Upham was so enraged that he leaped up and gunned down a German.
Why la this guy?Is that all he could do? After a pool of blood is wasted? Buduh! Buduh!

That was it... and at the end of the movie, Sham looked at me. Rubbing my head, he said "Sayang abang ni.. kalau tengok citer, memang semangat. Sebijik macam Mok Su Jamal (his mom). Abang saja je biar tadi..tengok Sayang sedar tak yang Sayang tengah semangat mengutuk. Hahaha."
(This honey of mine, she's so peppy when watching films. Just like Mok Su Jamal. I purposely let u speak up bcoz u were so carried away with dissatisfaction. Hahaha)

I was so malu... Hahaha. Hampeh sungguh laki ku!
Yes, that's the truth... when she look after me during the confinement, we watched a lot of movies/dramas together, and with a grin, Sham would say "Elok la tu...dah kena sangat la dua-dua orang ni...macam pengulas/pengkritik filem."
(Suits u two well. Both of u are like professional film critics)

Talking about criticizing films/dramas on TV, I remember those younger days...when I was still a student, we watched Secreto De Amor (the Venezuela telenovela). It was so annoying and ridiculous that all guys would be attracted to the Maria Clara, and all girls would envy her. Besides, the stupid Maria Clara kept going for Carlos Raul although he cheated on her while Lisandro is a much better catch.

Funny, right? I know it's pesky, yet I kept watching. Haha. Just my two cents worth, I think this telenovela would be better if they make Maria Clara a bit smarter.

Well, what to do? After all, I am Mok Su Jamal's daughter-in-law :P


  1. HI~
    I'm glad to see you happy~
    sometimes I'll visit here.


  2. hahahahaha...
    err actually sometimes dlm cls pun u acted like that, especially when it comes to discussing some panas topic hehe..

  3. Thanks for the blog link walaupun the link that you gave in the mail was wrong. By the way, our family blog has moved to and my personal blog at

    See ya!

  4. ok, Bear..noted.

    To Adi: Ooo kutuk ye? kang terjejas pulak evt664 nanti. hahaha (gelak salleh kamel)

    To Wayne:
    hey, what's up in Korea?
    thanks for dropping by.


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