Saturday, August 23, 2008

JAS-KA Sports Carnival

Last Saturday, Sham had a Sports Carnival with K.A, so as usual I joined (just to menyibuk). Okay, let's put it a positive way... I followed to give him moral support without the pom-poms.

This was amongst the 1st pix taken...a.k.a pertandingan perut siapa lebih besar while everybody was still sweet smelling.

The first game was futsal between KA and Selangor A. Wah... Suzaidy dengan macho nye trying to tackle the ball. Bunc (Read: Boonch) was attentively controlling the goal post.

Concurrently, Selangor women played in the other court. I purposely do not put up the pix of them playing, bcoz they lose to the opponents :P Anyway, a big applause for the team sebab menang gaya! Hahaha... biar kalah, asal maintain! -that's Sham's motto :P

Sham played for Selangor B. And minutes after I snapped this photo, he kicked the ball through the goal post, giving a victory to the team. Well done!

Don't ask me why I didn't manage to take the pix. Little Adam also was busy with the ball. Mak aiii...abis comot seluar dia, mop seluruh lantai!

Then, we switched to the badminton court. Most of the supporters were there, esp. when Selangor started losing several futsal matches.

The most awaited match was between Nik Husni and KA (I don't know the guy's name). Unfortunately, Nik lose... putting him on the 2nd place. But at least, we really saw him struggling to get a gold.

Adam also chilled out... banging two empty plastic bottles, to make the 'loud' noise showing his support. He really had a good time!

This is a candid pix of Sham replacing his lost calories. Eleh... main bola nye tak seberapa. Makan je yang lebih... Hahaha.
Though Selangor didn't win many medals, at least we enjoyed ourselves... and Ayah, we're proud that u shot a winning goal for the team!

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