Friday, August 22, 2008

Are u sure u are a Doctor?

Today is the 2nd day Adam stopped throwing up. Apparently, he's back to normal. But there's a big question mark on my head.

How could that night, the doctor said that Cikebum is lactose-intolerant? To repeat, he said 'lactulose' instead of lactose. I don't know which is which. However if he is, how come Adam recovered while I never stopped breastfeeding and didn't even try the soy-based formula???

Another thing that pesters me is the doctors at HTAA Kuantan, where my FIL is getting his treatment. He was warded since last month when he had difficulties to breathe (like an asthma attack). Yet, there were various diagnosis and claims saying that he has heart problems and must be admitted to IJN.

A few days after, I asked hubby "When is Abah going to IJN?"
He said "Ohh...he's not. The Dr said he might suffer from Parkinson."

Crikey! wtf? These are like the sky and the earth!

Then, days later they said that he has to undergo dialysis.
Apa ni? Kejap itu, kejap ini.
Takkan nak cari Dr. House pulak!

I wonder at one stage, these people could cause patients to lose their feet, when suddenly they were diagnosed with severe diabetes whereas they only have athlete's foot...
Or maybe someone might have to go for a bypass surgery while the person just suffers from migraine.

According to Dr. Najah, she made a call and discovered that my FIL actually was admitted bcoz of high bp... it's sorta associated with asthma. So, the heart fails to perform its tasks...and so forth...
Then, one thing leads to another... up to the kidney failure. So, he's undergoing peritoneal dialysis and if things are not improving, he'll have to undergo haemodialysis.
Whew! That's much convincing.

My oh my...
I don't regret not being a Doctor. I might not have the intelligence, nor the patience... but suffice to say, I'm glad I'm not.

This entry is not an insult to Doctors. Somehow, I'm gonna be a Dr. too - it's just not a medical Dr.

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