Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What U give, U get back

Today is the anniversary that Sham's parents went to meet my parents to ask for my hand in marriage. When we were having breakfast (of nice nasi dagang and lousy lontong), the song Look What U've Done (Jet) was played in the air. It wasn't romantic, though... it's just a coincidence.

Then, we started talking about my MIL.

Me : I don't agree when sometimes Mak told her friends that she only has 9 grandchildren (which doesn't include K. Nor's kids, that adds up to 12). I know they're from her previous marriage, but she shouldn't say so.

Hubby : Well, U know... Mak is like that.

Me : Ya la... But it might hurt K.Nor's feelings if she heard of it. That day, when she did it again, I reminded her (just by saying..."Don't say like that la, Mak")

Hubby : U are doing the right thing. Keep reminding her.

Me : One more thing, she likes to mention about her son-in-law who earns less than her daughter.

Hubby : I've warned her not to do so. U too, don't do such things. the world is round. What U say to other people today, might come back to U one day.

Me : Haaa? I always say that U are a Tambi (little Indian brother).

Hubby : (with a cheeky grin) See... later, U'll be one (the Tambi)

Me : Ok la... ayah putis, ayah tomel (U're fair, U're cute) Hehehe

Hubby : No...no. It's not gonna work. It has to be repeated for 44 days.

Me : Huh?! Ok then... U're fair and cute today, u're fair & cute yesterday, last week, last month... bla...bla... Hehehe.

Hubby : Yay! I'll be fair & cute, but u'll remain dark like a Tambi.

Me : Hahaha. U just said it... so, U'll get back what U give. U'll be a Tambi too.

Hubby & I always argue who's fairer. On top of that, we claim the partner as the darker one! :P


  1. what goes around, comes around, what goes up must come down...la la la la...(singing Karma hehe)

  2. what goes up must come down? hehehe. (muka notty)
    ye..betul tu! :P


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