Monday, August 18, 2008


Happy birthday, dear Darling!

How do I love u?
let me count the ways...

I love u to the depth and breadth and height
my soul can reach
when feeling out of sight
for the ends of being and ideal grace

I wouldn't mind counting more, dear
if only infinity were a number :-*

I had these gelly thingy sticked onto the sliding door, to surprise Sham early in the morning when he opened the door, together with a small card (in the pix above). I didn't choose to put up the word "Happy Birthday" as it wouldn't be suitable to look at throughout the year.

After work, I fetched Adam and sent him to Sab's place.

Then, I picked Sham and demanded to go to the Big Plate, Subang Permai. Sham thought I have planned a surprise for him (unfortunately, not this year!).

I ordered Mixed Grill (ye, saye tamak! haha) while Sham ordered Chicken Piccata. The former is a usual combination of beef, chicken and lamb grill with in-house sauce & fresh salad.

The latter is creamy carbonara spaghetti served with generous serving of vege and chicken slices dipped into eggs and coated in a flour batter that is then pan fried. Nyum2.

Then, after picking Adam, we went back home. I bathed & prayed, and surprised Sham with a small Lychee Cake, accompanied with Adam who crawled from the kitchen upon seeing a candle on the cake.

I hope he likes the small gift (apart from the brand new glasses) & the card that he said is cute! No fancy celebration this year, as Sham refused to be surprised. It makes him feel bad about himself for failing to make surprises for me. Hahaha... Kesian laki aku...

To Sab & Zana, thanks for babysitting Adam for me. Hehe...kena bayar ke? The pay must be very high for Master-holder sitters! Mati le aku :P

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