Friday, January 29, 2010

Should there be a second chance?

When it comes to places for great food, there are four groups of people...

  1. Who tries a restaurant, find it NICE (good food, excellent service, reasonable price, great ambience) --> keep going to the same restaurant
  2. Who tries a restaurant, find it NICE --> prefer to try/explore other restaurants for variety
  3. Who tries a restaurant, find it LOUSY (x sedap, snail service, cekik-darah price) --> never ever step into the restaurant again
  4. Who tries a restaurant, find it LOUSY --> still go to the same restaurant (to give second chance)

Which category are u in?

MrHubby & I were once in the 4th category.

We went to this restaurant when it was 1st opened in the neighbourhood. The ambience was great, the price was ok, but the service was so damn slow...and the food was just so-so.

Justify FullAfter a few weeks, we went there again, only to have to wait for 45 mins for our food. So, that's it. No more Eiman's Tomyam.

Another restaurant in the row was the Big Food.
(p/s: Big Food is in TTDI Jaya, Big Plate is somewhere near Monterez, heading toward Bukit Subang)

The ambience was superb, presentation of the cuisine was excellent but the lamb grill was like baling-kat-dinding-pun-the-wall-will-crack, and the beef was like selipar jepun.

Another famous restaurant in the vicinity is Aimar Char Koay Teow. We went there bcoz it belongs to MrHubby's friends (saja nak support bisnes kawan).

Kawan, memang kawan...but honesty is the best policy :P
The Char koay teow does not resemble the real Penang Char Koay Teow. I know some people say it's nice, but hello...I'm a Penangite and I know the real char should taste waaaay tastier than Aimar's.

The second time we went there (saja bagi chance, kot-kot kebetulan masa 1st time dulu tak sedap), again... it was disappointing. In fact, when we ordered mushroom soup (the creamy one, of the Western menu), the waitress sent us sup cendawan (of the grey oyster mushroom type). Adoiyaiiii!!!! Nak marah pun ada, nak tergelak pun ada.

So, now we changed into the 3rd category.

Who tries a restaurant, find it NICE (good food, excellent service, reasonable price, great ambience) --> keep going to the same restaurant.

Confirm u won't get into the car, complaining about the poor service and tasteless pricey dishes.

The one that we always return to is Afnan Tomyam (near our old house, Bandar Bukit Raja).

Although we have to drive quite a good 15km (or so), we'd never be upset. Since we first went there, until today...the restaurant has shown a tremendous progress in terms of the interior design, the service, and the quality of the served dishes never go wrong (makin maju la, pendek kata).

We kinda had a contract there during my pregnant days, almost everyday makan kat situ... until the day before I delivered Lil Adam (buka puasa with my dear students).

One of those near our home now is D'Orange, Bukit Jelutong. The restaurant is full of antiques... and the abang waiter is so full of courtesy (very-the-sopan-one!). Hehehe.

When I went ther for dinner yesterday...the hanging ladles (used to decorate the wall) reminded me of Dr.Supiah's advice (I went to see her before the dinner for my meds and told her that I'm having my menses).

So, should I or should I not steal one of those ladles?

Orang tua-tua kata, kalo nak anak, kena curi senduk kat rumah orang. Tapi kalo curi, kang kira haram pulak. Lagipun, kalo curi kat restoran, kira ok x? :P

Eleh...when I was worried of being single, I have always wanted to steal somebody's sirih junjung (so that cepat dapat jodoh), tak curi pun...tapi kawin jugak!!! Hahaha

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is what happened when u want to Tolong Melayu

Today I am not in the well... Eh, I am not feeling well.
Blocked nose, headache, etc.
Hmmm... what to blog today ahh?

Okay, lemme share about this class I have. There were 4 repeaters (who failed the subject last sem), besides the other 5 new ones in my EVT671 class.

Last week, as we were discussing Topic 3, I explained about something with a pix I drew on the whiteboard and Student A nodded her head every now and then. Confused, I said..."U nod ur head as if I have never taught u this!"

I wonder whether she didn't pay attention at all last sem or perhaps this 2nd-time explanation made her understand better.

So, I asked a simple question randomly to the other students, which can be answered by logical thinking. It's kinda a brainstorming session only. Everybody gave 2-3 answers, but when it comes to her turn...she was blank. (Remember, there were only 9 students in the class. So, I easily pick her name after a few mins). I urged, but she seemed to fail to provide any answer.

Boy, I was unhappy.

It's a logic, yet she can't think?
She learnt the topic twice, but she couldn't say a word?

Yesterday, I purposely ask her a question of "What is the rationale of...bla..bla..."
I waited and waited... but answers were coming out of other students' mouths. None from her.
I was still standing in front of her, demanding a reasoning answer. Itu pun x boleh?

So, I said to the class..."This is the problem. U might have a lot in ur head, but u have to articulate. If u have the ideas, but u don't know how to put them in words, I can't help much. If u deserve a zero, I can only give u a zero. "

And she said..."Ok, then."

Stupefied, I replied..."Hai...itu pun awak tak boleh fikir? Kawan-kawan lain dah bagi macam-macam jawapan."

Her: Takpelah...

Me: So, can I say...No wonder la u failed the paper last sem!!!

Her friend: Whoaaa....

Me: I'm sorry for saying that, but take it as a challenge!

...and I continued the lecture.

Was I being too harsh?
I suppose Malays are like that. I detest the idea of tolong melayu, not bcoz I am just 50% Malay...but they never learn the lessons!


Hey, can anybody tell me, how do I make my blog header smaller?
I mean, I want to adjust its height.
With the pix I have now, it makes my head looks so big! :P

Pls help, but don't tell me the technical terms. I am IT illiterate.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Macho men don't cry?

I'm sure most of us have heard the manly phrases like
  • No woman no cry (Bob Marley)
  • Real/great men don't cry
  • etc.
Whoever coined the phrases might not be a real man, I'd say.

When the dashing (is he?) Fahrin Ahmad made a press conference denying his ex-girlfriends (Scha & Linda Onn's) accusation saying that he's bad tempered and it was the reason that soured the ties, there were various fedbacks from fans, media and the public.

Well, Fahrin... people come and go.
Friendships are formed, grow, some leave and some stay, but I believe a companion never lets you down. Prolly u picked the wrong girl. Or u might need to contemplate what have u done to them both.

For women, tears are always ready to it joy or sorrow. But seeing a man shedding his tears is like
What? Kasi malu jer...
or perhaps
Pity him! I wonder what made him cry?

This morning, Hotfm morning crew discussed about Men Who Cry.
There was this guy who called, claiming he never cried thoughout his whole life. Boastfully, he said that his late dad never cried, thus his male siblings were always reminded not to cry (for whatever reason).

I felt like giving a call to say...
Don't u know that two types of drop that'd extinguish the hell fire are:-
  • The tears that drop bcoz of fear of (taqwa) Allah
  • The blood of the syahid warriors fisabilillah

And those who find it hard to shed a tear is bcoz their hearts are as hard as a stone!

  • Hati yang keras adalah kerana berbuat dosa
  • Berbuat dosa adalah kerana lupa mati/lupa Allah
  • Lupa mati/lupa Allah adalah kerana banyak angan-angan
  • Banyak angan-angan adalah kerana cintakan dunia
  • Dan cintakan dunia adalah punca segala maksiat

Sometimes, the radio callers resemble the shallowness of the people nowadays and it's really worrisome. The last time, I heard a caller asked "How do I recite the doa akhir/awal tahun, I don't know the doa?"
Ewah-ewah! Engkau boleh sms Linda Onn, tapi kau tak boleh google cari doa tu ke? Tak reti pergi berjemaah baca doa tu kat masjid ke?

The other time, when the issue of maskahwin to be increased to RM300, a caller said..."Eleh, naik 300 pun nak kecoh. Dah tu? Ingat senang-senang je nak kawin?"
Haishh..macam jahil sangat je. Tak pernah dengar ke "sebaik-baik wanita ialah yang paling rendah maharnya".

Alamak! Emo pulak...
Oh okay...back to the crying/shedding tears topic.

Well, men or need to worry about being ugly. Let it go. Sometimes, crying men can be admirable tau! Anyway, lets leave the availability of tears on the sciences.
Men might be tough, but their heart is not as tough as a rock, just a bit tougher than ours (women). But that doesn't mean that they are as cold as ice.

Practically, I think men don't cry maybe bcoz they feel that tears don't solve their miseries.

Alaaa...TimMcGraw pun cakap...'I don't know why they say grown men don't cry."

Okay lah...let's change the phrase to no women, men cry! Hehehe

p/s: I'm not a big fan of Fahrin, but MrHubby was his schoolmate. He said Fahrin likes pretty girls! ;)

What people notice...

The excitement aura of the MBP gath is still in the air around me.

Most bloggers commented about the hat I wore (please read more about my hat collection here).
Actually I forgot to include a few more hats/beret in the entry, bcoz I just found a 'secret place' where I keep 'em :P I'll upload some pix when I don into those oh-aku-perasan-gorgeous-red beret. Hahaha

Anyway, despite being an attraction, actually the hat was a distraction to me. The wide brim asyik dok melambai2 menutup mukaku yg ayu itu (sila muntah darah skrg). I wanted to wear this big hat, but was refrained by MrHubby.

Oversized, he said.

Some new friends commented about not realizing it was me, bcoz I look so tall (as I blogged here). My mistake for putting Is instead of Isabelle on the name sticker :P Err...btw, does that mean that I look a bit chubby in pix (blog)?
Sila gelengkan kepala laju-laju.

Some complimented the belt. Thanks! Well, twas an old belt...bought in BNE, few days before I came back for good. I wanted to wear something else, but it might make my breastfeeding activity restricted at the venue, hence the simple belt.

Some bloggers talked about the spread of food...but do u know who prepared what? Hahaha. I consider myself fail when it comes to this. Janji sedap! Mine was tasteless (bila balik rumah, baru rasa...rupa-rupanya x cukup manis!) Sori ehhh...

Perhaps the only thing that people do not realize in all the pix is my Colgatey-smile :P Okay, now scroll and look at all pix of yours truly. There's almost none without showing off my pearly whites. Hehehe.

Speaking of smile...
Do u smile at strangers?
I do.

People might find it weird to smile at someone they do not know, but hey...that's how it starts! Get out of your comfort zone... and it might make his/her day too!

Nonetheless, I found it normal to smile and greet foreigners with a 'hello' or 'good morning', but it's pretty awkward to do so with Malaysians. They might think that you are crazy for smiling at them, outta the blue...or if a guy smiles at a girl, the interpretation could be "Huh! Nak mengorat aku la tu!!!"
Hello...he just wants to be friendly la...Jangan la perasan sangat!!!

Prolly, it's my smile or my chatty attitude that makes me make lotsa new frens in a minute. I regret however for holding back a lil bit during the gath.

I placed my rug on the aisle of the gathering point, bcoz I tot the activities would be held where LittleMama gave her speech, and bcoz I wanted to be away from the sunlight, but it ended up as an isolated place from the crowd.What a shame!

I said hello to some familiar names/faces, but time was the constraint.
Masa tunggu nak start 3-legged tu la nak bersembang dgn Babyibu.
And there was a time when I caught a mom staring at me...until few mins later, only I realized it was *********. Hehehe. Not to mention my indecisive timidness to say hello to someone whom I haven't met for 15 years :P

I didn't talk much with Daddies (nanti ada yang kata aku nak ngorat laki diorg pulak!), but I did say something like "Bang, jom-jom makan!"

So, let's be more optimist..when people smile, perhaps they just wanna be nice to u, or they are just practising the good manners that their moms might have taught them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1st MBP gath was great!

The most awaited event last Sunday ended successfully. I was sooo damn excited upon knowing I was counted in for the Mombloggersplanet gath.

The day I got to confirm it, MrHubby cynically said "It's only Wednesday, dear."... hehehe, bcoz I was looking at the wardrobe, deciding on which green tone to wear.

Upon arrival, we registered ourselves and was given the door gift (err...where's the door?)

and had a family photo session (the 1st pix). I like the pix, Abg Ridzman! TQ ;)

and while waiting for the rest to arrive, MrHubby brought Adam to feed the tortoise with K.Fid's family.

Juan was the emcee of the day (u did a great job, exc. that the hailer is outta battery) :P

The event started with a few words from Little Mama, a.k.a Kak Ros...

and just like the previous gath (by MSK), the food was yummy... penuh keliling gazebo.

If it wasn't bcoz of the heat and the outdoor env, I might have gone back and forth for the good food. Hehehe.

Amik sikit-sikit tu konon malu la...

As usual, I love sweet desserts most...hehe (potong kaki la aku nanti)

Is this the tuan punya of the carrot cake?
Anyway...enough about the food...

I really had so much fun, getting to meet the cyber friends well as meeting new one.

Silalah grab gambar masing-masing tanpa segan silu ye?

Those kids seem to enjoy themselves too.

alalala...comelnye... (above & below). Wah! Nak jugak puji anak sendiri!

Jeela's Betty a.k.a dora the Explorer :P

The photographers in action

The 1st game was carrying ping-pong ball in spoon.

Hanz's Hanafi seemed so serious, focusing on where to go.

Adam was out of age range, hence he participated in Cabaran Mencari Yakult. Cari le sangat...terang-terangan depan mata! Haha

"Lil Adam...grab that one fast, okay?"

And Yay! He got it! (obviously the mama is the excited one) :P

And in the final round, these are the champions! Azza's Airyl and Isabelle's Adam (sila rujuk sengihan ibu-ibu lupa diri yang lebih excited drp anak-anak yg menang itu)

Wah! Ada Doraemon's ride la. And it suits the theme -Go green! Cool!

Farah (mylildreamz) & Azza (azzamoro) chitchatting while Afif & Airyll dancing to the music

I was taking the baby's pix ye? Ibunye sila jangan jeles. Hehe. Peace!!!

Sila posing dengan muka paling comel

Lily distributing the tasks to Daddies & Kids for the Scavenger Hunt
in which MrHubby got the 3rd place.
Thank u, Jiji...for the 50cents and AnisManis' shoe.

And MrHubby brought this back home...

Mamapasha and Pasha enjoying the food

Lil Adam arranging the Ben10 stickers

I was taking pix while my pix was taken
And me paired with Mamapasha for the 3-legged challenge. We got the 1st place. Hahaha.
Receiving the prize from KakRos...
This is it... Pretty, aint it?
BerryBear was trying hard to hide behind MrHubby, so he looked slim.
Airbag tu kalo sorok pun, sampai masa...keluar gak, bang oiii :P

Thank u so much, KakRos, for having me there. I really appreciate it.

This was the prize for the Best Dressed family...sponsored by ginjacqie.
Hahaha. Best-dressed le sangat. Anyway, thanks to the juries. Hehehe. Penilaian korang memang adil lagi saksama.. :P

Meh tengok sikit rupa best-dressed tu...

So, back home..these are the things that we brought with us.

From left:
  • Mummy's 3-legged challenge: 1st place- the cute jar and a pair of glittery brooch.
  • Was it lucky draw or Adam's 2nd place in the Yakult Search?
  • Scavenger Hunt: 3rd place.
  • Door gift: Gardenia's butter toffee buns.
  • front: A bag by jinjacqie (best dressed)

Err..sib baik xde anak 4-6 tahun. Kalo tak, mesti aku nak sapu jugak.
Dear organizer, jangan serik to allow me to join eh? Hehehe

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