Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What people notice...

The excitement aura of the MBP gath is still in the air around me.

Most bloggers commented about the hat I wore (please read more about my hat collection here).
Actually I forgot to include a few more hats/beret in the entry, bcoz I just found a 'secret place' where I keep 'em :P I'll upload some pix when I don into those oh-aku-perasan-gorgeous-red beret. Hahaha

Anyway, despite being an attraction, actually the hat was a distraction to me. The wide brim asyik dok melambai2 menutup mukaku yg ayu itu (sila muntah darah skrg). I wanted to wear this big hat, but was refrained by MrHubby.

Oversized, he said.

Some new friends commented about not realizing it was me, bcoz I look so tall (as I blogged here). My mistake for putting Is instead of Isabelle on the name sticker :P Err...btw, does that mean that I look a bit chubby in pix (blog)?
Sila gelengkan kepala laju-laju.

Some complimented the belt. Thanks! Well, twas an old belt...bought in BNE, few days before I came back for good. I wanted to wear something else, but it might make my breastfeeding activity restricted at the venue, hence the simple belt.

Some bloggers talked about the spread of food...but do u know who prepared what? Hahaha. I consider myself fail when it comes to this. Janji sedap! Mine was tasteless (bila balik rumah, baru rasa...rupa-rupanya x cukup manis!) Sori ehhh...

Perhaps the only thing that people do not realize in all the pix is my Colgatey-smile :P Okay, now scroll and look at all pix of yours truly. There's almost none without showing off my pearly whites. Hehehe.

Speaking of smile...
Do u smile at strangers?
I do.

People might find it weird to smile at someone they do not know, but hey...that's how it starts! Get out of your comfort zone... and it might make his/her day too!

Nonetheless, I found it normal to smile and greet foreigners with a 'hello' or 'good morning', but it's pretty awkward to do so with Malaysians. They might think that you are crazy for smiling at them, outta the blue...or if a guy smiles at a girl, the interpretation could be "Huh! Nak mengorat aku la tu!!!"
Hello...he just wants to be friendly la...Jangan la perasan sangat!!!

Prolly, it's my smile or my chatty attitude that makes me make lotsa new frens in a minute. I regret however for holding back a lil bit during the gath.

I placed my rug on the aisle of the gathering point, bcoz I tot the activities would be held where LittleMama gave her speech, and bcoz I wanted to be away from the sunlight, but it ended up as an isolated place from the crowd.What a shame!

I said hello to some familiar names/faces, but time was the constraint.
Masa tunggu nak start 3-legged tu la nak bersembang dgn Babyibu.
And there was a time when I caught a mom staring at me...until few mins later, only I realized it was *********. Hehehe. Not to mention my indecisive timidness to say hello to someone whom I haven't met for 15 years :P

I didn't talk much with Daddies (nanti ada yang kata aku nak ngorat laki diorg pulak!), but I did say something like "Bang, jom-jom makan!"

So, let's be more optimist..when people smile, perhaps they just wanna be nice to u, or they are just practising the good manners that their moms might have taught them.


  1. that's right! malaysians should make it a habit to smile more. :))

  2. yes, yes, smile smile!!

    alaaa too bad I couldn't make it!! hmmmmm

  3. senyum tu kan sedekahhhhhhhh

    ape salahnyerrrrrr...senyummmmmmmmmmmm

  4. lea shmea,
    the muscles around their lips might be too tight after botox :P

    thats alrite. we can still meet up,, bila ehhh?

    tingat lagu kempen senyum dulu...
    senyum seindah suria, yg membawa cahaya...

  5. senyum tu sejuk mata yg memandang..

  6. lady of leisure,
    kalo sengih pulak, camna?


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