Thursday, January 7, 2010

Palpitation. Why?

Yesterday, the whole day, I had irregular heartbeats. Very fast . At times, I found myself trembling too. This is pretty similar to what I had last Oct, as blogged here.
I have no idea why.

Eventually, at 3pm, I went to DEMC and checked. The handsome (eheks! gatal!) doctor said, it's PALPITATION, which could be due to anxiety and nervousness. Luckily I didn't say.."Yes, Dr. I'm nervous to see such a handsome man like u!" Hahaha.

(err...MrHubby baca ke entry arini?)

The CTG showed my heartbeat was abnormally fast. Haih... So, the Dr. then asked me to do a blood test for thyroid, but there was no prescription for meds.
Unhappy, and couldn't wait for 3days for the result... on my way back, I stopped at another panel clinic.

Same diagnosis. But this time, I was prescribed with some palpitation meds and sleeping pills. Yay!
And syyy...I also had my blood taken for thyroid test (again!) without telling the Dr. that DEMC has done it :P

Actually, there was a silly rumour yesterday saying that I'd be replacing my boss, DrWan as the Head of Programme. It was the most ridiculous thing I have heard this year. So, I believe it has nothing to do with the fluttering beats.

I'd be the simple me, and I fully support my boss to remain being the boss, until RL is back after his PhD (that'd be in 2011). Hehehe.

Today, I am not 100% fit, but the work urges me to still be at work (or is it the 'blogging' activity?) :P

On a lighter note,
After a few days of polling... the result of "Should Isabelle blog in English or BM?" is...

  • English is fine to me 48%
  • Her expression in English is better 32%
  • I prefer BM 20%

Therefore, I think I'm gonna proceed blogging in English. But occasionally, I'll post entries in BM. So, stay tune...
and pls pray for my well-being. Thanks, mates!


  1. hahhaa..doc.ensem ye? ahaha..notty. insyallah tade pape tu! even myself ada benda ni time pegnantkan aliah, sampai buat CTG time pegnant 6mo. kot ada heart failure etc. alhamdulillah takde pe2!

    ** huhu....jadi lah boss. 'best' woo!

  2. owh! u pegi demc?which doc babe yg hensem tuh?hahahahaha....(ade hati NAK JUGAK!!!)
    babe, get well soon ya... i pon cam nervous jek u camtuh... rest kay...

    pasal blogging tu, i think ur expression in english mmg better..wink2!!!

    erm, being a boss mmg byk responsibility pastu semua pun letak atas kita...aaaaaa tak sanggup!!!
    (tetiba mak emo...sila abaikan)

  3. salzahari,
    hahaha.sib baik dlm rekod tu ada attach sekali myhub's and adam's. maka kantoi la i dah berlaki. huahuahua.

    err..xnak la jadi bos. it's not in my agenda.

    TQ dear, for the prayer.
    err..Dr ensem tu? xleh la reveal kat sini. kang esok kuar dlm paper "Doktor ensem mati dicekik suami pensyarah"
    i'll keep blogging in english, exc for times when i feel like doing it in malay.
    re the boss thingy, forget it la. i wont take it, and it must be the silliest joke ever of 2010 :P

  4. tante is ganjen iiihh.. :P
    congrats ya aunty.. tambah sibuk lagi lah ni kedepannya.. sempet nggak ntar maen masak2an lagi ama pasha.. :P

  5. haha notty yer...semoga cepat sembuh...
    btw, i prefer u blogging in english, sbb bila i baca i boleh improve mine hhe..ayat u sedap..

  6. hope u'll be fine soon. just continue using English. Mcm saya kalu nak tulis dlm BM siap buat (BM entry) kat hjg tajuk entri tu. hehe

  7. mamapasha,
    ngapain congrats sama aku, mbak? aku gak mau ahh bikin pusing kepala kalo jadi bos.

    lady of leisure, ke? mana ada. i ni buah cempedak di luar pagar je. berangan nak jadi author :P

  8. trembling??? hg ok x ni??? tcare wehs..


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