Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinner at Tenji

Saturday last week, we had an invitation from the newly-weds, Sarah & Azam for a dinner at Tenji, SohoKL.

We were fashionably late (bcoz it's a fashion! hehe) but thank God, there's Garmin ;)
The food was awesome and there's a lot of choice too. Till end of Jan, the second person only pays RM28. There's seafood, sushi, BBQ, stir fry, steamboat, fresh fruits, cakes, Baskin icecreams, drinks and I love the botak coconuts most.

Oysters always remind me of MrBean :P

Popcorn pun ada. Xyah pi cinema.

Semangat tak I bercerita? Sampai x sedar kena snap photo

Tengok tu...tunjuk gelagat dia..

Geleng-geleng kepala laju-laju

Daddy's lil rascal

In short, the pantang-larang that we are about to start after MrHubby's blood test has to be restarted la. Maklumlah..memenuhi undangan.

Yours truly & Sarah

and some photos before we left


  1. hehe...mmg sedap.
    tapi mussels dia x fresh la.

  2. hehe... betul2 tgk oyster teringat mr bean hihi...
    btw nampak best la sini.. ada green tea ice cream tak?

  3. lady of leisure,
    icecreamnye ada cherry, pistachio, mint, almond and chocolate apantah.
    maybe dia tukar flavours from time to time ke...xsure la.


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