Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aladdin pants

Look at these gorgeous beaded shoes? They are called Aladdin shoes (kasut Aladdin). Hmm... is it true that Aladdin wore this kinda shoes? sikit.

Apparently, he is bare-footed la! :P

Well, guys...I'm not sure whether u still remember in the early 90's- the harem pants were very popular. Masa tu kan zaman MC Hammer! Hahaha.

♫ ♪ Can't touch ♪♫ ♪♫
♪♫ Can't touch ♫ ♪♫ ♪

p/s: Harem literally means the part of a Muslim palace or house reserved for the residence of women back in Ottoman Empire. But I believe it has nothing to do with the name of the pants.

Anyway, the flowery pants were also known as seluar Aladdin. Perhaps bcoz they are tapered at the ankle and baggy (like a skirt cum skinny jeans) like Aladdin's.

And me...being an 11-12yr-old girl, I was unhappy for not having one of the in-things by then. Kesian kan?

After about 15yrs, I was given a pair by Along... and it is now my rug. Buat alas kaki je :P

I guess I was pretty late to own one.
But, the fashion came back Fall last year. Not bad, ay? (provided it is not flowery)

Hmmm..perhaps I should get a pair la, so I could belly-dance with MrHubby later. Maklum la...malam ni kan....err..malam.....Hihihi...

...or this one la.
Daring gitu!

Do u have one?


  1. i tak brapa minat seluar aladin ni sebab dia ada 'ketang' kat bawah tu hhehe..
    tapi yg second last pic yg color orang tu, i nampak cantik pulak hehe.. cun la..

  2. isabelle, pernah ada masa i teen dulu2, pair it up with humungous shoulder blouse cropped-jacket look-alike..actually it's one suit..masa tu trend mom used to said, ini seluar nyonya...ekekekek, this trend dah kuar balik since last year..eerr..takmolah ikut sebab my legs pun dah besar...ekekek

  3. lady of leisure,
    get one la...just for belly dancing. hehehe

    hahaha...nmpk ke kalo legs besar? kan suar tu baggy.

    mlm ni kan mlm jumaat..hehehe

  4. penah ade je suar ni.kakak kasik msa kecik2 dlu.tah mane campak.hehehe..

    #Muhammad Faris Taqwim dalam

  5. i will never be caught dead dlm seluar aladdin itu! but yes, sluar tu dah make a come back. in fact everything 80s is soooooo coming back, much to my disappointment, bcoz i detest the 80s - there's nothing good about them, especially the fashion and hair dos, BUT the music in that decade was THE BOMB! best giler.... if only singers today are more like Belinda Carlisle, Jefferson Starship, and even MC Hammer Man....hehe

  6. hehehe.. belum pernah ada lagi koleksi2 aladdin nih...

    tapi, yang last sekali tu memang lawa laaa... teringin juga pakai kan? :P

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  8. lin,
    hahaha. zaman tu kira 'in' habis la kan?

    wah..ur taste is sooo good.anyway, i agree with u, the 80's music is da bomb!

    hehehe.beli la 1. mesti cepat darwisy dpt adik nnt.hehehe

  9. mcm kelambu je gambar last tuh!


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