Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love my height, but...

The first week of this new semester (last week, that is) while I was standing in the aisle of my boss' room, a girl (a new student, I suppose) passed by.

She caught my attention not bcoz she was pretty, but bcoz of her height.

I was sooooo unhappily distressed-and-tak-puas-hati.
"Cisss... how come she's taller than me? Ini tidak adil!!!!" (mcm Abdul Wahib daaa)

Y'know..I have this ungrateful attitude of being as tall as 5'4" which is rare amongst most ladies of my age nowadays.

I realize as time goes by, the human beings are getting shorter and shorter. MrHubbby's ex-ofcmate is so small that we call her "budak sekolah."

I also have many students (girls) who are very petite like primary schoolkids, that I could even put my chin on their head whenever they are standing in front of me. (Hahaha! Keji sungguh amalanku itu!)

Hmm... now I wonder how was it like when it was said that Adam a.s' height was 60hasta/90ft/30m? Agak-agak in the next 10, 20 yrs...homo sapien would evolve as dwarfs kot? Erkkk!!!

Anyway, back to my unthankfulness. My female siblings sometimes argue who's the tallest of all four.

Us, standing in front of the mirror...

Abah : Let's see who's taller?

Ina : Alaaa.. we are all of the same height la.
Yone: How tall are u? Alaa..Beza sikit ja pun.
Along: We are all the same la.
Me : It must be me la! (ayat xnak kalah!)

Mak interrupted. Hmm... Alang (me) is slightly taller, I think.

Me : Afterall, Mak is the shortest of all. Hahaha. (Ya, aku sungguh celupar!)

Anyway, Kokokularigagahberani is my only brother who gets Mak's gene of not being that tall (for a man). Hehehe. Lariiik!!!

I could only accept the fact that there are other ladies of great vertical dimension too, only when I am surrounded by non-Asians.

MrHubby used to kutuk his short friend, Bobby...
"Kau ni bah...sekali aku lempang, mesti kau jadi tinggi."

and Bobby would reply "Please la, bro...Please la lempang aku!"

Hahaha. Gila desperate ko, Bobby! But I bet none of your kids would be tall, bcoz neither u nor ur wife has the gene. Ya, sekali lagi aku membuat statement keji dan mungkar!

Luckily Adam is born with a height (most people claim that he's tall for his age). Hehehe.

Hmm... takpe la...if I were too high in stature
  • it might be hard to find a taller soulmate
  • all baju of size S will be too short, all clothing of size L would be too huge
  • people might call me "Giraffe!"


  1. i love mine too!! hehe orang selalu tanye mane dapat tinggi ni sebab mak ngan abah saya pendek.

  2. wah2... sungguh berbisa berkata mengenai ketinggian...

    Ingat! biasanya kalau dalam barisan or group or kumpulan manusia, org yg paling tinggi akan dipilih dulu.

    kalau kat padang mahsyar nnt ALLAH pilih org yg tinggi ketinggiannye ke, or tinggi dosa or pahalanye..

    centa, jgn kutuk org terang2an, nnt anak kita kena badi, kutuk dlm kegelapan x pe.... huahauhauhauhua..... tp nnt anak kita gelap lak. ahaks... kutuk xpe itu gurauan, keji jgn boleh jatuh kufur..

  3. haahhahaha dulu my tall cousin used to tell me to marry a tall man coz i'm a shortie. she said kalau tak nanti anak marah sebab apa mak kawin ngn orang pendek kan saya dah pendek jugak. ekekekkekeke...memang noti! :-p

    btw please visit my biz blog and spread the words ya dear

  4. farah,
    yes, i realize that u r a tall as i am. feel good eh? hehee

    abu zuhair,
    hahaha. tingat kat abg pen ke? :P
    haa..mama tau, kutuk dlm kegelapan tu utk sapa. xbaek tau!

    drama mama,
    so, i believe amin is considered tall la jugak kan? hence, there's a chance that irfan will still be tallie ( that the opposite of shortie?)

  5. hmm...
    selalu 'direndah dirikan' dek husband...
    sebab bila berjalan dengan dia, terserlah kependekkan ku... walaupun, takde lah kita ni kategori pendek... bila dengan dia je jadik pendek.. :P

  6. sya,
    dgn yassir tu..kalo giraffe jalan sblh dia je baru dia rasa pendek. otherwise, he's always amongst the tallest.

  7. my husband tinggi... dulu i teringin sgt nak tinggi.. now im 158cm.. but my husband suka yg kecik2.. hehe..
    tapi kalau berat i naik senang lak nampak chubby.. tsk tsk tsk..

  8. saya dulu pun nak tinggi melangit macam hanis zalikha tu... tapi kalau lawa macam dia tak pe lah... kalau tak lawa... macam mana? sure org nampak dulu... hehehe


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