Saturday, January 9, 2010

When I was a telemarketer (Part2)

I once blogged about being a telemarketer .
Last few days (the day I wasn't feeling well), I got the third call from this stupid Card Centre of Armada, asking for my consent to process my card.

Being a telemarketer before, I understand what they meant by the word 'process' was to 'charge your credit card and send the package'.

I might have been a sweet person to telemarketers throughout my life. But this time, wrong time, man!

*******1st time*******

Her: bla...bla...u can get discount...bla..bla...

Me : Oh..I know this. I have been a telemarketing exec too.

Her: This is different, miss, this is sales exec, miss.

Me : (kepalahotak kau!) Whatever. So, what now?

Her: Lemme pass u to the manager.

Me : (eleh...aku pun dulu pass kat manager gak)

Him: So, miss...shall I proceed with sending the card to u?

Me : No thanks.

Him: But why? Anything that u do not understand?

Me : I fully understand what ur staff explained to me. I am just not interested.

Him: Okay, just tell me. Maybe next time, we can try to include discounts from other places that might be useful to u.

Me : No thanks. Okay, I know u have the details of my credit card, whatsoever. If u proceed with it without my consent, I might have to take legal actions, okay?

*******2nd time*******

Him: Miss, I'm calling to confirm ur registration...bla..bla...

Me : No.

Him: What no?

Me : Do not proceed, please.

Him: Eh, but why?

Me : It is unnecessary. I wouldn't need it.

Him: But u'll get discount at many places, miss.

Me : But I don't go to those places.

Him: Oh, in that case, we can try to add more places for discounts for u.

Me: Soon I might be leaving Malaysia summore, so it's not gonna be useful anyway (iyolah sangat, entah2 aku buat PhD kat Mesia je!)

Him: that. Okaylah. Thank u very much then.

*******3rd time*******

Him : Miss, here in our record, we have your details. So, we're gonna send the package/card to this address of yours (reading my office address)

Me: (didn't wait that long anymore) Mr, this is my THIRD time getting a call from u, which also means the THIRD time I said NO.

Him : Err..but why is that, Miss?

Me: I don't have to give a reason. I just said NO. Is that understood?

Him : Okay, Thank u very much. Assalamualaikum.

Me: Waalaikumussalam.

I dont know why on earth was I still considered polite (tu kira polite la tahap aku tu). Prolly bcoz I used to be in their shoe...or am I just mellowing down as I age? :P

Whatever it is, I think I shouldn't tolerate too much with these people after this. Aiyoo...there goes my new year resolution-to be nice to people :P


  1. hangin btol klu org x reti bhs cam ni kan? annoying giler..but then i guess mmg itu cara diorg nk cr mkn kan?

  2. huh!!!! tak reti bahasa betul...
    i pon penah gak dapat call camtuh habis kutengkingnya orang tuh..hahahaha...padan dah taknak tu taknak la...dok la paksa2...haishhhh!!!!!

  3. last week i dapat call from satu bank ni offering me macam insurance apa ntah.. i cakap not interested.. kalau ye pun i nak kene tanya hubby dulu.. banyak kali dia try nak push i i reject.. finally know what, dia kata 'so mmg tak interested la ni, ok fine' terus dia letak... i pulak terpinga2... i penah jadi cust svc dulu.. i never put down the phone b4 my cust.. tapi si bangau ni letak phone dulu plak... dah la dia yg nak jual insuran kat i... teruk dorang ni kan..

  4. hmm... biasanya, kalau dapat call macam ni, dengar je dulu lebih kurang. lepas tu, terus cakap not interested. bila dia sambung lagi, not interested lagi.. dan lagi, dan lagi.. hehehe...
    nasib baik tak de credit card, sebab bila ada call macam ni, bila cakap tak pakai credit card, terus diorang letak telefon.. hehehehe

  5. next time u mintak la no creidt card dia dan alamat umah dia and pastu tell him/her, please process that... sure dia tak layan u lg dah :)

  6. yatie chomeyl,
    mmg la cari mkn. tapi jgn la tunjuk kebodohan yg reti bahasa tu.

    uish..ganaz sungguh. rasanya masa i jd telemarketer dulu, i x pernah call client nama fizamior.hehe

    lady of leisure,
    wah! mcm tu ekk?
    tapi i pun dulu prnh gak ckp kat sorg makcik yg xreti bersopan lgsg (masa tu i was so polite talking to her).i kata "'s such a great loss 2u"

    sok2 nak try ckp x guna kad kredit gak la. kalo dia ckp rekod dia menunjukkan kita ada kad kredit, nak yg tu saya frame kan buat hiasan je.

    betul la ckp u. i shud try that. takpe...belum terlambat lagi.sok2 mesti ada telemarketer call lagi :P
    siap le korg.


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