Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I hate loneliness :(

This is the 3rd day I am on this routine.
Wake up, clean myself, don into officewear, put on make-ups, send Lil Adam to the sitter and drive alone to the office.

Yes, alone!

Well, as I informed before, MrHubby started working at the HQ (Putrajaya) this January. Hence, no more car-pooling.

When I listen to the morning topics in or,
there's no one to discuss and share my thoughts

When I listen to the jokes by Abg Jem or Fafau & FBI,
I just smile at myself (macam org gila senyum sorang2)

No more synchronized dancing with heads turning the L-shape

My notty hands have to behave as there's no one next to me to tease

Huhu...I miss u, centa! :(
I miss u teddibly.

Anyway, here are some pix of our 'dating anniversary' last new year.
Hahaha. Dating pun ada anniversary.

4 candles for the 4 sweet years since the day we dated

pls excuse those sexy men

Lil Adam trying hard to blow the candles after singing "Day to u..."

3yrs sitting in the co-driver seat (most of the time), but from now on I have to drive myself.

Waaaa... windunyeeee.... :'(
Do I have to live this life for the next few years?


  1. huhuh.. sian hg beb!! sabar eh...

    aku pn busan drive sesorg...

    bapak borek ank rintik..hehe, dua² seksis u.. heh!

  2. pna,
    seksi tang perut la, pna oiii. hahaha

  3. mamapasha,
    huhuhu..mengada x bunyinya?

    sok2 bday ang, mesti dia kalut nak tlg tiup lilin gak.hahaha

  4. is that carrot cake from delicious?suke suke suke!

  5. what a sweet dating anniversary..

  6. damiqula,
    i main balun jer. janji kek.hahaha.

    lady of leisure,
    there was a funny/silly experience too re the 1st date. malu ahhh nak citer

  7. awwww....cian... anniversary...


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