Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hey, can anybody tell me, how do I make my blog header smaller?
I mean, I want to adjust its height.
With the pix I have now, it makes my head looks so big! :P

Pls help, but don't tell me the technical terms. I am IT illiterate.


  1. u right klick image >> save picture

    pastu resize ur picture (i suggest guna irfanview) according to desired height & weight >> upload semula

    senang dan takyah coding bagai, hope it help

  2. a'ahh... biasanya size tuh ikut size gamba. Btw, idak ler nampak besao still sweet ape ur gambar tuh

  3. Hi :)

    Too long to explain since (unfortunately it has to be technical) it involves a fixed pixel.

    But I've looked at your header photo and the template you use via source file and posted an entry to help you. Good luck - hope it helps

  4. isabelle,
    sweet jer ur new header ni..

    satu lagi, please email ur address to + ur contact no ya!!

    hadiah contest main air tu masih ada dlm simpanan kakyong..

  5. rasanya size header tu dah cunsss... coz klu hg crop gambar tu x proportionate nnti muka nampak penyet...huhuhu

    nampak besar tu maybe sebab angle camera kot msa gambar tu shoot, coz aku nmpak angle dia cam sedikit ke atas...
    (pandangan mata aku ler...)

    klu nak maks tulun crop pn bole, maks bole kc edit skit kc meletopss.. hehe

    kc original pic and size header hang..

    email 2: achee165 at gmail dot com

  6. momma mia/QM/kakyong/pna,
    thanks a lot ;)


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