Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is what happened when u want to Tolong Melayu

Today I am not in the well... Eh, I am not feeling well.
Blocked nose, headache, etc.
Hmmm... what to blog today ahh?

Okay, lemme share about this class I have. There were 4 repeaters (who failed the subject last sem), besides the other 5 new ones in my EVT671 class.

Last week, as we were discussing Topic 3, I explained about something with a pix I drew on the whiteboard and Student A nodded her head every now and then. Confused, I said..."U nod ur head as if I have never taught u this!"

I wonder whether she didn't pay attention at all last sem or perhaps this 2nd-time explanation made her understand better.

So, I asked a simple question randomly to the other students, which can be answered by logical thinking. It's kinda a brainstorming session only. Everybody gave 2-3 answers, but when it comes to her turn...she was blank. (Remember, there were only 9 students in the class. So, I easily pick her name after a few mins). I urged, but she seemed to fail to provide any answer.

Boy, I was unhappy.

It's a logic, yet she can't think?
She learnt the topic twice, but she couldn't say a word?

Yesterday, I purposely ask her a question of "What is the rationale of...bla..bla..."
I waited and waited... but answers were coming out of other students' mouths. None from her.
I was still standing in front of her, demanding a reasoning answer. Itu pun x boleh?

So, I said to the class..."This is the problem. U might have a lot in ur head, but u have to articulate. If u have the ideas, but u don't know how to put them in words, I can't help much. If u deserve a zero, I can only give u a zero. "

And she said..."Ok, then."

Stupefied, I replied..."Hai...itu pun awak tak boleh fikir? Kawan-kawan lain dah bagi macam-macam jawapan."

Her: Takpelah...

Me: So, can I say...No wonder la u failed the paper last sem!!!

Her friend: Whoaaa....

Me: I'm sorry for saying that, but take it as a challenge!

...and I continued the lecture.

Was I being too harsh?
I suppose Malays are like that. I detest the idea of tolong melayu, not bcoz I am just 50% Malay...but they never learn the lessons!


  1. kdg2 kena harsh baru sentap sikit... ntahla my dear,mmg gitu la sebhg attitude budak skrg!

  2. tertiber tingat masa I jadi student kat U dlu..baru tau perasaan lecturer yg terpaksa mengadap those repeaters camtu..hmmm..

    i ngaku i pnah repeat 1 paper language ms dkat U dlu, xtau naper mmg malu gak la sbb member lain da naik kelas i stil di bawah..pastu nekad buat bebetul la that paper..n i make sure jumper lecturer lain..segan kalu dpt lecturer yg sama ..heheh...

  3. salzahari,
    kalo dia buat derk jugak, mcmana? haha

    budak2 ni xreti malu nye. siap mintak lagi lecture notes yg dah update. bukan byk pun, salin je la.
    kalo mcm tu sikapnye...failed lagi pun, i x pelik la.

  4. OMG really dia ckp mcm tu! Kalau mcm nie lah minda anak2 melayu (oklah, zero then), mmg sgt sedih lah coz for me u dah tegur secara baik and membina but then she....aiii!

    Lagi satu I sllu debate ngan my husband coz I kata why U nak tlg sgt anak2 melayu ni kat IPT coz there's no point lah u beljar tinggi2 but belajar ntah apa2 then lecturer kasi lulus gak eventho u suck!

    Just bcoz nak tolong MELAYU...wlupon intan melayu but I do think kita kena usaha dan tak boleh malas. Kalo tak mcm mana bangsa nak maju.

    Patut kena amik contoh mcm mana chinese boleh berjaya dlm byk bidang compared ngan anak2 melayu yg oooo....tak tau apa nak ckp :(

  5. huhuh.. sure pening nak melayan..
    jd lecture ni nk kena pandai pusing gak ler nk melayan bdk2 cam nie..huhuh

    tp xsemua melayu camtu, ramai gak yg berjaya... ada 2-3 jenis species terancam camnie...hehe

  6. stumbled upon your weblog, while googling for something else.

    are u really detest the idea of tolong melayu?

    u are only 50% malay, yet you deserved the rights to be helped under the 'tolong melayu' scheme. u were 'schooled' by the scheme, u were 'universitied' by the scheme, and u are now work under that scheme, kan?

    lessay "if", if u are a 100% non-melayu, i am pretty sure u were not be able to become you yourself today.


    p/s: pardon my foolish thoughts. cuma i think that one melayu in your lecture wasnt represents the whole malaysian melayu. kan?

  7. god, repeat students give me a headache. teringat kes2 lama migrain yg lalu dtg kembali. esp bila no effort langsung utk memperbaiki diri buat kali kedua. x kira la bangsa apa pon, tp usually yg satu bangsa tu jek la. kalo dia deserve F, I bg F je. even terpaksa bersoal jawab dgn dean. kalo x dtg kelas manjang, mcm mana nak ditolong?

  8. huh... giler keras kepala budak tu.. to me, dia mmg takmo ditolong tu... erm... me pun only 25% melayu...hahaha.... another 25% is arab and another 50% is jawa!!! wahahahahaha......

  9. intan,
    what u say is absolutely right. malas nak tolong sbb diorg xnak tolong diri sendiri.

    mmg x semua. tapi we lecturers susah nak cari yg semenggah nowadays. budak2 ni kena ada competition dgn chinese, indians, etc. baru berakal sikit.

    thanx for dropping a line.
    well, i forgot to mention that i'd like to tolong melayu provided they wanna help themselves.

    betul tu. but there are times i hafta put it aside bcoz i dont wanna burden myself with the supplementary paper & repeaters :P

  10. bottom line Isabelle, kite tolong sape2 melayu yg nak tolong diri sendiri. =)

    Su penah mengajar anak jiran yg juga melayu, yg jugak buat perangai mcm tuh. I just wonder mane perasaan nak maju dalam diri diorang. Haih~

  11. suhana,
    very true.not all malays are like that. i myself faced failure once in my life, but i woke up and did better...bukannya mintak simpati je all the time

  12. apekah junior aku cam haram nih?!! eiii se-gampang2 bdk batch saya dulu pun xdela bangang cam dia nih kot.
    ni jenis xkesian ngn diri sendiri nih~

  13. ngengade tul, kalau i jd u pon i geram..sekeh laju2 br tau hik3x

  14. adihana,
    dont wori, it's not ur junior. budak tu program lain yg i ajar jugak.

    sekeh laju2, pastu lari laju2 kan? hahaha

  15. hm..mmg xnk tlg dri sndri la tu..ksian..nk wt cmne..mesti anda akan failkn bdk tu kn..huhu..dare to pelik la ngn percentage yg byk3 utk keturunan rase almost 90% yg dikatakan malay ni pon leh wt bagai3 percentage utk keturunan dorg..huhuh..just a thought from myself..sorry..=D



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