Friday, January 22, 2010

Urat putus?

Have u ever heard of the myths/facts that our urat will putus every time after we give birth?
Not sure which urat, but elderlies always emphasize on this.

I heard if the baby is a boy, the number of urat putus is double, as compared to delivering baby girls. that case, Mak might have lost a lot of urats after giving birth to 1 son & 4 daughters.
I wonder what about those with 10 kids (or more)? Habis urat terus gamaknya..Hahaha

Now I'm trying to relate these two factors...

Doddery = urat putus

bcoz my friends keep saying that they tend to be forgetful, esp. after having babies.

Last week, as I blogged here, I forgot that I had a lecture. Haihh...Awal-awal sem lagi, dah lupa!
  • Excuse: I was sunken in the piles of letters for industrial training application.
  • Lame excuse: I was nailed to the chair once the computer is switched on.

Early this week, I was already in front of the sitter's house when I realized I left the bag with Lil Adam's stuff at home.
  • Excuse: Usually, MrHubby & I sends Lil Adam to the sitter together. So, he could remind me if I forget.
  • Lame excuse: My hands were full: carrying the clingy Lil Adam, my handbag, etc.

Some time two days ago, I forgot to keep the car keys in its place.
  • Excuse: I arrived home and put the key near the car windscreen bcoz I wanted to sweep the dead leaves at the porch.
  • Lame excuse: Errr...err...

I also cooked two packets of fried instant noodles the wrong way. It was mee of the goreng type, I realized there were two sets of seasonings, but still I poured everything in. Why la?

Maka jadilah mee goreng bersup

So, can anyone tell me whether u too, feel u r a bit senile after having kid(s)... or is it just me?

Or could this be the signs of ageing? (as what I've always teased others). Kan people go mentally infirm with age?
But, hey...I'm still in my 20's whaaaaaaaatttttt?

(Keep on denying, Isabelle! Good luck)


  1. 20s? dah nak meninggalkan 20s kan.. hehehe...

    urat putus? kalau macam tu, saya tak bersalin pun dah banyak urat putus.. sebab asyik lupa je.. :P
    bila bersalin, memang banyak urat darah yang putus, di uterus wall penuh dengan blood capillaries.. jadi, bila bersalin, banyak la blood capillaries yang ikut putus sama.. hehehe.. (mandai2 je buat teori sendirik.. :P)

  2. hahaa...normal when u have too many things to think! mcm i dulu..teruk yg amat dasyat urat putus tahun pertama slps lahirkan aliah! byk benda lupa dan paling x tahan,lupa PTk sampai tetinggal batch..huhhhuu!

    * ke byk sgt makan semut??

  3. i pon selalu dgr pasal urat putu sneh...nti nk try tny Dr la, do such things like 'urat putus' really exist hehe

  4. sya,
    baru je nak percaya sbb ingat sya ajar bio. hahaha. kiranya urat tu sekadar capillaries je la kan?

    hahaha. ni dah tahap makan kerengga dah nie.

    yatie chomeyl,
    harus kena gelak dgn Dr. esp kalo bukan Dr.melayu...

  5. o..last week lagila..i terbaca blog membe sebok start ganti pose..then suddenly i tak igt lgsg eh brp ari aku tak pose eh last year?dh ganti ke?luckily, tak buang lagi calendar last year...(i tanda bila ari tak pose kat calendar)..and syukur i dh abis pn gnti pose tu..hehehe...aduss,memang betulla kot ada urat putus..huhuhu

    #Sara, itu bukan gurauan yang kelakar

  6. pernah gak i dengar pasal urat putus ni but i dengar tu versi terbalik hehe..
    btw, tgk mee sup teringin maggi lak i.. hehe

  7. I rasa its ageing pun ya,byk sgt k0mitmen pun ya sampai bercelaru. Sbb bersalin? My huby tak besalin pun asik lupa je. Haha.

  8. lady of leisure,
    hehehe. mee x jadik pun membuka selera ekk?

    tu sbb makan semut/kerengga kot!hehehe


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