Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Binte (bin-tay? or bin-tear?)

Hey peeps. How do u write the middle word of your name? I mean, not your middle name, but the ‘daughter of’ part.

I used to write it as BT… telling myself- if it is spelt that way, it can’t be pronounced ay?

Just like MOHD –it should be pronounced as MOH-D, not Muhammad.

Anyway, back to the ‘daughter of’ question… Mak used to write it as BINTE. And I hated it so much, thinking the pronunciation is like Bin-Tear..

I thought that’s how old people spell it, but watching Krayon (an educational programme from a neighbouring country on TVIQ) I just discovered that actually it’s the Singaporeans! Hahaha.

Any Singaporeans here to verify my hypotheses?

Soon, I started to write it as per in the IC, that is BINTI, which sounds more reasonable.

What about u? Do u or simply skip the word. Well, most of the time, that’s what I do… I just write my name and my surname… and it’s waaayyy better bcoz it sounds synchronized.


  1. dlm IC BINTI..tp kdg2 mls tulis. hee! mmg tak pernah tulis BT atau BTE je..

  2. hang ni belle itu pon bleh jadi topik muahahahahah@!~ Kelakar seh.

    My bapak's nane is MUHAMMED AZKHAR, dulu darjah 2 cikgu siap kata aku salah eja lagi hahaha@!~

  3. me used to use binti but nowadays i just omit it..leceh! :>

  4. selalunya guna binti..
    dah terbiasa.
    tapi, kalau nak cepat sangat, takde binti-binti pun... :P

  5. slalunya i letak binti tapi kalau without binti tu i rasa lebih sedap sebutannya hehe..

  6. i omit terus binti. dari dulu lg :)

  7. salzahari,
    i pun selalu xtulis, sbb nnt org ingat BINTI is my middle name pulak. hoho

    memandai pulak cikgu tu kata u silap eja.
    btw, tershashul2 gak i nak sebut nama bapak u tadi. azkhar, akhzar... :P

    betul tu. eleh selagi our names do not sound foreign, kiranya that last name is our dads' la. not the husbands'.

    hahaha. tu la...nama pjg sgt. kesian sya.

    lady of leisure,
    haha buleh pulak kira sedap x sedap. but me too, bcoz my name synchronizes with my dad's. so, kalo ltk binti tu menyemak je rasa.

    yes, but i ingat masa isi borg PMR dulu, mmg hazab bila my friend tlupa tulis binti (kiranya x sama dgn IC).

  8. here in NZ, kiwis always ask us if BIN or BINTI is our middle name! So, we had to explain that it's not and why we had "BIN" or "BINTI" in our names.

  9. first name and surname only. jimat masa and dakwat pen..hahaha.

  10. babe.. i have to write binti bcoz if i dont write it people will call me with my dad's name..
    eg:my name
    ******fiza mior mohd ****r
    so i have to write it
    ******fiza binti mior mohd ****r
    or else people will think that mior is MY name...apa laaaa....


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