Monday, January 4, 2010

Westlife and Mr.Holmes

New Year's eve last Thurs has seen me snuggling cosily in the bed, watching TV with the two men in my life. The remote controller in my hand browsed from one channel to another...and as I hit 102...

"Westlife!!! Aaaaaa..." I screamed semi-hysterically.

My oh my! I remember the Westlife frenzy in. The Irish boy band is my fav aside from Boyzone and Backstreet Boys (Haha..boys le sangat, dah tahap bapak budak semua!). Anyway, of all the Irish chaps, I was (and still am) into Shane Filan. *drool*

The programme aslo showed a sponsored car makeover of Shane's diehard fan, with airbrushed image of him. Whoa! I'd go meroyan if mine were airbrushed with Anuar Zain's image! :P

Anyway, some of Westlife's songs (e.g If I Let U Go, Flying Without Wings) rekindled the old flame...eheks! and that made me smile to myself.

Came the new year, we went to Bukit Raja for a date with Mr. Holmes ( old crush). Hahaha. FYI, I love detective stories very much, since I was small. And I was glad that I bought a Sherlock Holmes book at the Uni's flea market at just AUD6! I almost couldn't believe it, but as Holmes said in The Signs of Four...
"When U have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however impossible, must be the truth!" :P

It was our 3rd movie with Lil Adam after Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Princess & the Frog. Yet, it was our first attempt to bring him for a non-animated movie. Apparently, it didn't keep the little rascal in his seat.

Being the chatty Adam, he sorta made friendly comments on what's displayed on the big screen (that must be annoying to the other audience!) and he sit/lied on the stairs next to my seat too!

Anyway, it was fun watching Robert Downey Jr. in the role of a brainy, brawny Sherlock Holmes. But why him, eh? Why not Jude Law? :P


  1. ha best kan sherlock holmes! amboi amboi si kenit ni dah 3 kali pi tengok wayang. besar nanti mesti jadi kaki wayang ni hahaha

  2. i remember the days when they play nothing on the radio but songs from boyzone, westlife, and also BSB. ah... terasa kembali 17!

  3. drama mama,
    kaki wayang xpe. jfn merambu xtentu hala, sudahhh

    hahaha.i'm forever 18.
    reson for not saying i'm 17- nanti org ckp underaged! hahaha

  4. aku pn suka westlife.. jaman gediks ku dlu.. kekek...

    wah, adam dh p tgk wayang.. aku x bwk oja lg.. klu p tgk mama & baba dia je.. ank kena tinggal ngn nyaie..huk huk.. tgk la nnti2..
    bwk tgk avatar lah.. ceh! heh

  5. lama sudah i tak pi tgk wayang..
    dengar kata sherlock holmes ni best.. alamatnya i tunggu dvd keluar...
    tapi feeling pi tgk kat panggung ni lain kan..

  6. i plan to watch sherlock holmes too... tapi sebab avatar bantai sampai 3 hrs... terpaksa lupakan plus i cudn't keep away the thought of my son's face crying for me... leceh betul.

  7. pna,
    haha.zaman itu sudah berlalu, tapi kegedixan tidak ternoktah di 'boy band' kan?

    lady of leisure,
    go ahead la, bring arry & molly along. hehe.

    dd la la,
    being attached to the kid is good, but too attached is no good either. huhu

  8. Hi-5 from me for the Westlife feveret...haha

    pssttt...i even skecth portraits of them (post it in FB & sometime ago in blog)


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