Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hats off to myself

What's the significance of these 1st three pix?

Well, yes...
I was wearing hats! Hats oh hats...I love 'em sooo much!!!

My top list is vintage hats (like those worn on Melbourne Cup Day) but who's gonna make it versatile to be worn at all times? If i were a trend-setter. (Okay, stop dreaming too much, Isabelle!)

I know, some ladies do not like hats, as they flatten the hair. Well, truth been told is a good hat should not fall too low over the face and the inside of the crown should sit just nice on top of the hair.

Anyway, as promised in one of my previous posts, I'm gonna share with u about my hat/cap collection. So, here's the whole spread, exc for the 3 bucket hats I keep in the car (for rainy days). Most of the time, the gear is the one wearing those 3 hats. LOL.

Here's a huge collection of caps in my safekeeping- ranging from W/S Dobby cap, KA, PIMMAG, KAJ, Petronas, ASMA, Oil Combat, JAS, Sports day (pink), MASM/Texcycle, Southern Great Barrier Reef, JTI, Oakley, UQ, Ferrari/Vodafone and FIFA World Cup Germany.

Me in the Oakley cap (above) and Southern Great Barrier Reef (below)
(pls excuse gmbr ahli neraka ku ittew)

By group: (clockwise) there's double sided fisherman hat, striped bucket hat, crocheted cloche, denim doll hat (with holes here & there) and a Zeroquarter felt hat. The middle one is a velvety Alain Manoukian wide brim hat.

That denim hat is amongst the 1st I owned. Mak said when saw me in it "Hang ni awat pakai topi mcm org gila ja (berlubang-lubang)?"
And I replied "Ni la style, Mak!" (hahaha...cool x?)

This 2nd group is (clockwise) of my cowboy hats-black and a brown leather one. The one in white with ribbon is panama hat, and there's also a beret cap (i got it from Ekka) and Roberta di Camerino hat.

The beret hat

Actually, cavalier hat, beret, boater, panama hats, bowler, cloche, top hats, fedora, breton sailor, cartwheel, homburg, pillbox hat or toque hats....I just love the way they put additional style to the wearer.

Anyway...back to my collection...
Clockwise, u could see a black furry hat (doesn't it look like Cruella's in 101-Dalmatians?), my fav furry trilby hat, another black furry hat, brown suede cloche (wrinkled at the back) and a green cloche with ribbon. In the middle is the knitted beret

I thought I'd look like Kirsten Dunst when wearing the beret :P
Unfortunately, this was how it looked on me when I went ice skating. It was kes-sorok-semua-rambut-sebab-tak-pakai-tudung le ni.

As for the furry trilby hat, here's a pix of me & my fav aunty.

And the same hat, modified with a flowery ribbon (hey, look at me! Not those candy floss girls!)

And ahhh...here comes my fav group of all.
Clockwise- the beret (I got it when Acik lost his bet with me), my fav. wide-brimmed hat of all seasons, a black cartwheel hat (oh-so-gorgeous!), a beige Kangol beret (MrHubby claims it's his), a black hat that looks very suitable for berkabung (haha!)...and my handsome fedora!

Me in that wide-brimmed hat with Christian. I used to get compliments whenever people saw me in it!
Personally, I think, hats are full of elegance and sophistication.

I love cartwheel hats for most occassions, as it protects me from the glare and it just look good on me! Oh-so-perasan! :P

Do u guys have a cap (other than shower caps)...or a hat (other than hard safety hats)?


  1. omg... u mmg gila hats! hats off to u!!!!

    u bg la tips pakai hats with tudung. i so wanna know how and where to start, plz.... pretty plz...

  2. mujur masa sanding tak request to wear hat or cap kan..or even beret.. :-P

    tapi kan.....part senyum tersengih tuh all are the same version erk..mcm diphotocopy jer..hehehe..well..the natural of you.. ~wink2x~

  3. ya ampun terkezut i nengok koleksi topi u... sangat banyak ok...
    cantik2 lak tuh...

    pssst, yg kat pantai tu pantai mana ek.. sangat cantik..!!

  4. adoyai~ melihatkan hg punya topi2..aku perasan yg aku cuma ada helmet+bonet+cap p zoo;D muahaha..

    oits? aku rs idea *oyis* sgt bagus utk m'gayakan hats+tudung..tp,tu aa susah..bkn sume leh masuk:/ rugi x tanya jovian ritu;P

    P/S: jeles btol aku tgk student aku pakai2 hats+yg seangkatan dgnnya time kua soping dgn aku:( dah trend balik lani..

  5. oyis,
    TQ (bowing to u).
    okay.nnt i start back my crazee style ye? u jgn x ikut pulak.

    masa tu gedix nak kawin, x smpt fikir hats dah. ada veil/tiara tu kira something jugak la on the head kiranya.
    btw, yes..that colgatey smile is my trademark. huahuahua

    lady of leisure,
    that's tin can bay, aussie.but i tell u what...stradbroke island is the best!

    helmet & bonet? hehehe.tersengih2 aku dok terbayang.
    i'll make oyis' wish a reality.xpa, aku try jadi my own jovian mandagie ;P

  6. alamak...saya ade safety hat je la..hehehe..

  7. apash,
    safety hat pun jadik laa...hat jugak kan? *wink*

  8. gile best u babe..minat pakai topi. ahahah! i tade hats...but i selalu gak guna hat (pronounce as had..ie."Hat mana satu laki dia?" ;)

  9. salzahari,
    wahahaha..*rolling on the floor*
    mai sini i nak jwb...
    "hat yang ensem tu la..hat yg tembun tu laki cek..."

  10. babe!! i love the barret hat so much!!! cantik kan kalo pakai.... but babe..u sure got loads loads and loads of hat collection..wow!!!!

  11. fizamior,
    i love that beret too! but bcoz it was bought by my bro (sbb kalah bet), the size is a bit small for me.


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