Monday, April 12, 2010

No wonder I dumped him

One of my ex-students emailed me for advice on her life, work & love life.
One of the lines I replied was...
"Dump him if he doesn't appreciate u."

While waiting for DrWan to finish the meeting, I searched back the email I sent to one of my ex-bfs to break up with him. It was a very long one, detailing all the malicious things he did to make me suffer along the way.

It made me really understand why did I dump him. He deserved it! Hahaha.

Harus la balik ni aku kena tazkirah dengan MrHubby to let go off the feeling. Huhu.


  1. u're right. It's a waste of time if the person doesn't appreciate u as much as u want him to.

  2. ahhaa...dulu sesoka hati jaa kan dump org as if kita sgt we deserve to choose what we think best for us right ??! ;)

  3. temp housewife,
    well, it's over and i'm glad.

    i know i am never perfect, tapi it was too much for me to tolerate what has he done.too bad!

  4. Centaa..
    nak tgk email tu bleh tak?
    fwrdkan la yek... berkongsi2 kan(mcm suara adam).. hehehe

  5. some things happen for a reason :)

  6. abu zuhair,
    x buleh.pjg sgt..nnt ayah x larat baca.

    aida ikmal,
    exactly. and i'm happy i made the right decision.

  7. sokong abu zuhair. post la sket ;P

  8. oyis,
    xbuleh weiii...kontroversi!:P


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